Without a Lawyer, the Veterans Disability Process Is Complex and Confusing

by Staff Blogger | November 25th, 2019

People who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces are supposed to get a variety of important benefits, including disability benefits, if they suffer an injury or illness that makes them unable to perform their duties while serving their country. But receiving those benefits isn’t automatic by any means. The Veterans Administration (VA) is notorious for denying claims, and winning appeals is also difficult. At Berg Injury Lawyers, our California veterans disability benefits lawyers have helped many former servicemembers who suffer from health problems that left them unable to complete their duties. If you or someone you love became disabled during military service, it’s important to speak with an experienced veterans disability lawyer about applying for benefits. There are many pitfalls during the application process, and we can help you avoid them. In addition to building a strong claim for you from the get-go, we can also appeal your claim if it was denied by the VA. The VA denies what should be valid and strong claims all too often, and when that happens, it’s essential to have an experienced law firm on your side who can make a case for why your application should be approved. Don’t leave the outcome of your initial application or appeal up to chance. The VA has a huge backlog of claims to work through, and getting information or status updates on your benefits can be difficult and time consuming. Our attorneys know how to expedite the process and maximize your chances of approval. Contact us today for a free consultation.