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An injury sustained by you or a loved one can have a major impact on your life. Working with a Sacramento personal injury lawyer helps you get the justice you deserve, creating a reliable partnership that can help you every step of the way.

Personal injury law is nuanced and requires extensive expertise. From the basics of what qualifies as a personal injury to the types of cases you can get help with, this page will give you all the background you need to take the right steps towards compensation and justice.

Most injury victims have numerous questions regarding their accident and what steps they should take next. That’s why we’re available around the clock to answer your questions. Berg Injury Lawyers has served clients in Northern California since 1981, and we have both the experience and the resources to help you with your case.

At Berg Injury Lawyers, we know that if you were hurt in an accident, you’re likely facing financial hardships. Don’t let worries about lawyer fees keep you from getting the help you need. Thanks to our No Fee Guarantee®, if you don’t win, you pay nothing when you hire us as your Sacramento personal injury lawyer.

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In Sacramento and according to California law, a personal injury occurs when someone suffers as a result of emotional, psychological, or physical harm by another person. That harm can be either intentional or the result of negligible actions.

This broad definition means that many different types of cases can fall within California’s personal injury law. Car accidents, dog bites, slip and falls, and even defamation based on libel or slander can all result in personal injury claims in front of a court.


Such a broad definition of the term means that finding the right personal injury lawyer is absolutely crucial. Instead of contacting the first personal injury lawyer available and hoping that they’re well-versed enough in this specific version of it, you’re better served to find a Sacramento attorney with specific expertise and experience in the type of personal injury relevant to you.

These are a few of the types of personal injury cases that Berg Injury Lawyers will be able to help you with.


The benefits of sunscreen are obvious, but its dangers are less well-known. A 2021 study resulted in the recall of 78 sunscreen products containing Benzene, a dangerous chemical that can lead to cancer and other medical conditions. Our personal injury and defective product experts will help you through the legal process if you were affected by one of these products.


Did you know that according to the California Division of Boating and Waterways, there are around 500 boating accidents in the state annually? When a leisurely day on the water suddenly turns into a nightmare, our attorneys can help you get justice and compensation from liable parties.


Brain injuries can be extensive and scary. Recovery is often long as well as expensive, changing the life of the patient as well as their family. When the brain injury is the result of a third party, we’ll partner with you, providing resources and experience to get you justice. 


In one of the most significant health scandals of the past century, service members and their families along with civilians living at the North Carolinian Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987 were exposed to toxic water with chemical concentrations up to 3,400 times the safety standard. They’ve developed multiple types of cancer, requiring the help of experienced lawyers to get compensation.


Every year, more than 3,600 Californians die in car accidents. Countless more are injured. The victims deserve justice, especially when the accident has resulted from reckless driving or unsafe road conditions. Partnering with a personal injury lawyer can help you get there.


More than 4.5 people in the U.S. get bitten by dogs every year, and more than 800,000 require medical attention. A dog bite as a result of negligent pet ownership is especially frustrating, and working with the right attorney can help you minimize the resulting issues.


What if the drug your doctor has prescribed hurts more than it helps? When the side effects become serious, you need a legal partner by your side to get compensation for any medical and emotional costs. Berg Injury Lawyers have extensive expertise in drug injury-related claims, from Viagra to Zantac.


Injury from environmental and industrial waste can be especially difficult because the cause isn’t always immediately clear. Legal experts can help you not just identify the correct cause of any harm, but also take the fight to the companies who caused the injury in the first place.


In California just as in other states, fire injuries can happen suddenly and out of nowhere. Often, the party responsible is not a member of the household; instead, it can be a defective product, fireplace, or electrical appliance. Our attorneys will help to find the culprit and bring the victims justice.


According to the FBI, the average U.S. family loses between $400 and $700 per year to non-health insurance fraud. Of course, especially with large life insurance policies, the actual loss can be much higher. Our experts have extensive experience in helping consumers fight back against insurance companies looking to take advantage of policyholders.


Motorcyclists are in almost constant danger because of road hazards, inattentive drivers, and more. If the accident is caused by someone outside of your control, the law is on your side–and our attorneys will help you take on insurance companies and other liable parties.


Assault of any kind at a public venue like a concert, sporting event, or restaurant is harmful enough. But if the property owner didn’t take the necessary steps to keep guests safe, it becomes even more frustrating. Our lawyers can help you receive compensation for any harm caused by inadequate security.


Nursing homes are specifically designed to keep their residents healthy and safe. That makes abuse in this safe space all the more frustrating. Fortunately, our decades of experience in personal injury law can help you get justice for any abuse or neglect of a vulnerable loved one.


Train tracks and railroad crossings pose a hidden danger that can often lead to significant injuries. When these injuries are caused by defective safety equipment, you might have a personal injury claim. Work with personal injury lawyers in Sacramento experienced in this area to get compensation.


Electric scooters have rapidly risen in popularity over the past decade, but both riders and pedestrians may be prone to injuries. Our team will help you understand and define the cause of any accident, while also helping you file a claim to receive compensation and justice.


The right equipment can go a long way towards treating a serious condition like sleep apnea but with defective equipment, that benefit can quickly turn to danger. We can help pursue justice for any patient who has used and been injured by sleep apnea machines recalled by the manufacturer.


Slip and fall accidents are the single biggest cause of emergency department visits. From there, medical treatment costs can skyrocket. A legal expert by your side will help pursue appropriate compensation if the fault lies with others.


Pursuing social security disability (SSD) benefits can be complex, even if your case justifies it. We’ll help you through the process, reducing the chances of a denial and fighting for your claim.


Due to their power and size, commercial trucks can cause significant damage and personal harm in accidents. A reliable legal partner by your side will know the nuances of related California laws enough to make a difference in helping accident victims get justice.


Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have complicated the legal landscape when it comes to accidents. But personal injury victims still deserve compensation. Work with a legal team for help in recovering any personal, vehicle, and property damages caused by an accident.


Military veterans and their dependents account for almost 20% of the U.S. population. Their service to their country deserves justice, especially when managing disabilities or health issues. Berg Injury Lawyers can get you the representation you need to file a strong claim or appeal if your claim was denied.


Potentially unfair payment is a sensitive issue, but that doesn’t decrease its importance. When supporting yourself and your family, you need to be paid according to your work and employment status. Our legal experts help to protect workers from being misclassified as contractors, being forced to work overtime without extra pay, and more.


California is prone to some of the most significant wildfires in the United States. Injuries and property damage abound every year. Turn to Sacramento personal injury lawyers if you feel that someone else bears responsibility for the fire damaging your body or property.


When losing a loved one, especially if it was preventable, you need someone by your side. From closure to the desire to get justice to compensation for damages and financial support, wrongful death cases can be among the most emotional personal injury claims in California. Work with a trusted attorney for next steps and guidance.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Sacramento personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation.


Suffering a personal injury can be a traumatic and disorienting experience. Whether it’s a slip and fall, a car accident, or any other type of injury, knowing the immediate steps to take can significantly impact the outcome of your situation, both medically and legally. Here’s a guide on what to do right after a personal injury occurs:

1. Seek Medical Attention

Your health and safety are the top priority. Even if your injuries seem minor, it’s crucial to get medical attention immediately. Some injuries, especially internal ones, may not be immediately apparent. A medical professional can assess your condition and provide necessary treatment. Additionally, medical records will serve as critical evidence if you pursue a legal claim.

2. Report the Incident

Depending on where the personal injury occurs, make sure to report the incident to the appropriate authority. For instance, in case of a car accident, report the accident to the police. In the case of a personal injury at work, notify your employer as soon as possible. In a public place or business, report the incident to the management or owner. Make sure to always obtain and keep a copy of the resulting report for insurance and legal purposes.

3. Document Everything

Take pictures of the scene, your injuries, and any property damage. Write down everything you remember about the incident, including the time, location, how it happened, and the names and contact information of anyone involved, as well as any witnesses. Finally, save all medical records, receipts related to your injury, and any correspondence related to the incident.

4. Be Careful With Your Statements

When speaking with anyone involved in the incident or insurance representatives, be cautious. Do not admit fault or make definitive statements about the incident. These comments could be used against you in your injury claim.

5. Contact Your Insurance Company

Inform your own insurance company about the incident. Depending on what occurred, this may include your health, disability, auto or home insurance carriers. Provide medical forms and clarify next steps, but again, stick to the facts and avoid speculating about fault or injuries.

6. Avoid Social Media

Refrain from discussing your injury on social media platforms. Posts, pictures, or comments about your injury or activities can be misinterpreted and used to challenge the severity of your injuries.

7. Consult with a Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury attorney can provide legal advice specific to your situation and help you understand your rights and options for seeking compensation.

Remember, the steps you take immediately after a personal injury can significantly impact your ability to recover physically and secure fair compensation. Acting promptly and thoughtfully can help protect your rights and set a strong foundation for any potential legal action. Berg Injury Lawyers offers free, no-obligation consultations, so you can explore your legal options at no cost.


Personal injury claims aim to make victims “whole” again with compensation. The amount should cover damages for both economic losses, plus harder to quantify non-economic suffering. Understanding different damage types is key to receiving full recovery.

Economic Damages 

These cover concrete financial costs tied to an accident. Main elements normally include:

  • Medical Expenses: All doctor, hospital, therapy, prescription, and care bills related to the injury. Both current and expected future costs get counted.
  • Lost Income: If the injury results in missed workdays, the victim can claim compensation for lost wages.
  • Reduced Future Earning Capacity: If injuries impede you professionally long-term, you can claim expected earnings lost over time. Experts often provide analysis.
  • Property Losses: Repairs or fair market replacements for damaged items like vehicles or equipment.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic losses provide justice for life disruption and agony beyond bills. Personal injury claims often seek compensation for:

  • Pain and Suffering: Both physical and mental discomfort arising from accidents.
  • Loss of Enjoyment or Quality of Life: Compensation for hobbies, activities, or typical pleasures you can no longer access or have limited participation in after injury.
  • Loss of Companionship or Consortium: Harm to family (often spousal) relationships and bonds due to the stresses of recovery and caretaking.

The court or jury determines suitable non-economic damages based on arguments and evidence. Though there may not be physical receipts for suffering, victims do deserve rightful recourse for these losses as well. Experienced personal injury lawyers will maximize compensation for their clients on every front.


Personal injuries have consequences that tend to last far beyond the physical recovery. Medical bills can go into the thousands, the employment situation may change, and the emotional damage caused is often immeasurable.

These consequences are even more significant when the victim was not responsible for the cause of the injury. In that case, compensation can go a long way towards getting the financial support needed to manage both short-term and long-term emotional and physical costs.

In addition, the desire to seek compensation for personal injuries can also create a sense of closure and justice for a potentially life-changing event. Many victims blame themselves when getting injured when in reality, someone else was the cause of the physical and emotional trauma. A successful claim helps the victim finally put that event in the rear-view mirror.

Learn more about the compensation you could be owed by scheduling a free case review with our team.


Financial compensation along with a sense of closure may be important, but too many victims never pursue either due to a natural hesitation to navigate the complex California legal system. A personal injury attorney in Sacramento can become your partner in navigating these challenges and getting you the justice you deserve.

For example, a vehicle accident may play out very differently depending on whether the liable party or victim was driving a commercial truck, motorcycle, or car. In California, commercial truck drivers are not allowed to drive more than 12 hours after being off duty for at least 10 hours. A trucker who violates this role and is in an accident becomes automatically liable.

The right personal injury lawyer can help to guide you through all of these and other nuances. They’re able to represent their victims in any legal situation, including working with the insurance and other liable partners. As a result, the victim can focus fully on the injury recovery knowing that the legal situation is in safe hands.


How much is my personal injury case worth? 

Each injured person’s losses are unique, so case values vary dramatically. Compensation depends on economic damages like medical bills and lost income, plus harder to quantify non-economic suffering. Since calculating these figures involves location-specific legal knowledge and experience, it’s wise to have a Sacramento personal injury attorney evaluate what your case might be worth in a free consultation.

How much do personal injury attorneys charge?

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means they only get paid if you win your case. Typically, the fee is a percentage of the settlement or judgment amount, often ranging from 30% to 40%, depending on the complexity of the case and the attorney’s experience. Always discuss fee structures upfront to understand the potential costs fully.

Should I accept the insurance company’s offer? 

Be cautious when dealing with insurance companies. Initial offers are often lower than what you may be entitled to, as insurance companies aim to protect their own bottom line and settle cases quickly. Always consult with a personal injury attorney before accepting any offers. An attorney can negotiate on your behalf and strive for a settlement that more accurately reflects the damages you’ve suffered.

When should I contact a personal injury lawyer?

Ideally connect with a lawyer immediately after any incident where another party could be responsible for the harm and losses occurred. Prompt consultation with a lawyer can ensure that your rights are protected, evidence is preserved, and you are guided through the process of claiming compensation effectively. Time is of the essence.


Of course, after a consultation with a personal injury lawyer Sacramento residents need an experienced legal advocate with specific expertise and extensive experience in the exact type of injury for which you seek justice. That’s where Berg Injury Lawyers enter the equation.

Our legal experts have been working on personal injury cases in California for more than 40 years. In that time, we have helped countless clients navigate through the legal system and get the results they deserve.

Past results do not guarantee future success, especially because every personal injury case is different. That’s why we always recommend a free consultation to get started. In the course of that consultation, we will evaluate your case and provide initial guidance that can help you decide whether to pursue a legal claim. Contact us today to start that conversation.

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