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“Personal injury law can often get into the very basics of right and wrong, justice versus injustice.” – William Berg

Four Decades of Experience. Millions of Dollars Won for Clients.

When you’ve been injured in an accident, you’re dealing with a lot. You face injuries, medical bills, and lost income. You might be having a hard time providing for your family. The last thing you need is to worry about dealing with the insurance company. A California personal injury attorney at Berg Injury Lawyers can take that off your plate, so you can focus on getting better. From the Bay Area and Sacramento, to Modesto and Fresno, our California personal injury lawyers represent clients throughout Northern California. And with over 40 years of experience, Berg Injury Lawyers has the knowledge and resources to help you get the best results possible, as quickly as possible. Take the first step toward getting the compensation you deserve, and contact our personal injury lawyers today.

How Can Berg Injury Lawyers Help?

“We come in early. We stay late. And we work hard all the hours in between.” – William Berg
Our personal injury lawyers represent clients in several types of cases, including: When you’re injured through no fault of your own, you should know that you have three available options.
  1. Do nothing and pay out of pocket for an accident that wasn’t your fault
  2. Fight the insurance company on your own and risk getting taken advantage of
  3. Get our personal injury lawyers on your side—and get the money you deserve

The cost of hiring a lawyer shouldn’t prevent you from getting the high quality representation you deserve. That’s why Berg Injury Lawyers has the No Fee Guarantee®—a simple promise that if you don’t win, you pay nothing.

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What makes us different?

“Since 1981, Berg Injury Lawyers has recovered millions of dollars for thousands of injured clients. In every case I’ve handled, I’ve been able to help my client in some manner.”

– William Berg
  • We have 40 years of experience.
  • Our team has created a culture where clients come first. Here’s what that means:
    • If you can’t come to our office for appointments, we come to you.
    • We don’t charge any fees for helping you settle your claim for damage to your vehicle
    • Our staff helps our clients beyond simply providing legal representation. We often take our clients to doctor’s appointments and use our connections to find them the best care possible.
  • Insurance companies know Berg Injury Lawyers, and they know not to take advantage of our clients.

Reputation matters in personal injury cases. Over the course of four decades, we’ve built a reputation as fierce negotiators. Insurance companies know us by name, and they know that they can’t get away with their usual tactics. When you hire Berg Injury Lawyers, you put our years of experience, resources, and reputation to work on your case.

Berg Wins 60x Insurance Company’s Offer in Auto Accident Case

Berg Injury Lawyers recently obtained a recovery worth SIXTY TIMES the insurance company’s original settlement offer in an auto accident case.

Our client suffered a significant neck injury in a crash caused by another driver who made an illegal U-turn in front of him. He required two cervical fusions because the hardware used in the first procedure failed. Our client was offered a settlement by the insurance company prior to hiring Berg Injury Lawyers which he did not accept. The representation by Berg Injury Lawyers helped him settle for 60x what he was offered prior to hiring our law firm.

Why Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in California?

The insurance companies’ own research, from the Insurance Research Council, proves that injured people represented by a lawyer get, on average, three times more money than injured people not represented by a lawyer.

When it comes to cases involving serious injuries, a law firm that focuses solely on personal injury cases can maximize your chances of getting the money you deserve. Personal injury lawyers are uniquely equipped to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries because they have years of experience handling claims just like yours.

What You Need to Know About Insurance Companies

Despite their massive media budgets and advertising campaigns insurance companies make millions of dollars every year by denying injured people fair compensation for their injuries.

Insurance companies will deny your compensation by using red tape, legal loopholes, and whatever means necessary to avoid the responsibility of paying you for your injuries.

Let the California personal injury attorneys at Berg Injury Lawyers deal with the insurance company. You focus on your health. Contact us today to speak to an attorney for free.

Questions You Might Have About Personal Injury Law

Should I talk to the insurance adjuster?

No. Despite what they may tell you, the insurance adjuster is not on your side. It’s the adjuster’s job to save the insurance company money by finding a way to deny or reduce your claim. Many times, adjusters will use a friendly tone to get you to admit guilt or responsibility for an accident. The adjuster will then use this admission or comment to reduce or withhold your settlement completely.

Other tactics used by the adjuster include a quick payment or promise of a payment if you will give up all future claims against their policyholder. While getting money upfront right after your injury may seem beneficial, it’s not in your best interest to give up your rights to collect fair compensation until you have completed your medical treatment and all damages from the accident can be identified.

Remember, once you have admitted guilt or made a comment that in any way relieves the insurance company of its responsibility, the damage can rarely be undone. Seek the advice of an experienced injury lawyer before talking to the adjuster.

How much money is my personal injury case worth?

Every case is different. How much your case is worth depends on the facts of your case. We examine all the available evidence to arrive at a figure that we believe the insurance company must pay to fairly compensate you for your injuries.

The facts we review include:

  • How the accident happened,
  • The type of injuries you suffered,
  • Future medical problems you could experience,
  • The amount of medical expenses and lost income, and
  • Future medical costs and future loss of income.

Berg Injury Lawyers has a team of attorneys and staff members dedicated solely to figuring out the value of your claim. When you hire us, you know you have an advocate who is just as knowledgeable as the insurance company.

In our experience, most people don’t know what their claims are worth, simply because they’ve never had one before. However, the insurance adjuster on the other side of your claim knows exactly what your claim is worth, and they will try to pay you as little as possible.

How long will it take to get a fair settlement offer after suffering an injury?

Our goal is to get clients maximum compensation as quickly as possible. However, these cases take time.

We want to do everything we can to avoid the impression that your case needs to be settled quickly. If the insurance company feels that we need to settle quickly, then the amount of your settlement could be reduced.

“Insurance companies and their defense lawyers often will do everything they can to reduce and delay your settlement. How long it takes is different for each case. Your patience and allowing us to negotiate and, if necessary, prepare for trial can be very helpful in obtaining a good settlement.”

– William Berg

Keep in mind that most settlements can’t begin to be negotiated until you have finished your medical treatment. Otherwise, we will not be able to get everything that you deserve. That’s because we will not know the full extent of your damages until you finish your treatment. Once treatment is completed, negotiations of your case can begin.

What about compensation for damage to my car?

The claim for damages to your car can typically be handled separately from your injury case. You may also be entitled to a free rental car.

At Berg Injury Lawyers, we don’t charge our clients to help them with their claims for property or car damage. The important thing is that you re-establish a form of transportation as soon as possible without jeopardizing the value of your injury case.

As a general rule, don’t sign anything from the insurance company without the advice of a lawyer.

Will I have to go to court if I file a personal injury claim in California?

While most cases never go to court, some cases do. In either situation, hiring a law firm with experience in handling personal injury cases is critical. We prepare all of our cases as if they are going to court, and we use this as a negotiating tactic.

“Insurance adjusters know that our lawyers are always ready to take your case to court. This preparation allows us to negotiate from a position of strength, helping you get the maximum settlement for your injuries.”

– William Berg

What should I consider when hiring a personal injury attorney?

Look for three things when searching for a personal injury attorney: experience, location, and trust. Here’s why…

Attorneys must be licensed to practice in the state where you are filing an injury claim. As we’ve already mentioned, it also helps if they work exclusively on your type of case. So, if you have a personal injury case in California, you want a California personal injury attorney to represent you.

It’s also critical that you feel comfortable with your attorney and that you trust them to handle your case. If an attorney you’re considering offers free consultations, take advantage of that opportunity to learn more about how they’ll approach your case.

Be wary of any attorney that makes big promises without knowing anything about your case or an attorney that pressures you into moving forward with a claim.

At Berg Injury Lawyers, we don’t want you to take our word that we’re the right choice for your case. We want to meet with you in person, so we can learn more about your situation and help you better understand your legal options. You’ll then have the chance to see why we’re different from other firms. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

How much do you charge?

At Berg Injury Lawyers, there is no charge for your first visit or telephone call. All of your questions will be answered, and there’s no obligation to move forward with a claim.

If we accept your case, we will advance all costs for investigators, experts, court filing fees, and other expenses associated with obtaining the maximum recovery possible. If your case is successful, we’ll take those costs out of the settlement or verdict amount you receive.

Berg Injury Lawyers offers our clients the No Fee Guarantee®—a simple promise that if you don’t win, you pay nothing. We only get paid if we get YOU paid.

Not the “Suing Type?” Few of Our Clients Are.

Most people who come to our office aren’t the suing type. Personal injury claims are rarely filed by people who want money for nothing. These claims almost always start when someone is treated unfairly by an insurance company. Sometimes, their claim has been denied outright. In other cases, the offer they’ve been given is so small that it’s insulting.

We’ve represented injured clients throughout Northern California for over 40 years, and we know how the system works. Let us hear your story, so we can help you get what you are owed. Schedule a free consultation with our team now to learn more about your legal options.

Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in California? Get Berg!

Don’t believe the myth that lawyers are intimidating. If you were hurt because of someone else’s negligence, you need an experienced law firm on your side that knows California laws and knows how to win. Call us today. We’re caring and compassionate and we’re here to help you get the money you deserve.