Lawyers Serving California Wildfire Victims

Wildfire Injury Attorneys in California

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has suffered a loss as a result of the terrible wildfires that have ravaged California in the past weeks. Although the casualties suffered have varied widely from loss of life to physical injury to destruction of property, each one is a tragedy, and every Californian has felt the pain. We mourn with the victims of these infernos, and we extend our love and support to all of them.

California Attorneys Investigating Wildfire Liability

At this early stage, it appears that Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and possibly other utilities may bear some responsibility for these fires. There have also been allegations of negligence against the State of California and various counties and cities.  Without drawing any firm conclusions, we want to warn those affected that any claims for damages against governmental entities are subject to very short deadlines. For that reason, it would behoove anyone who has suffered a loss due to these fires to explore their legal rights as soon as possible with competent counsel.

We’re Here to Help

Berg Injury Lawyers is now accepting cases from people who have suffered losses of any kind in the recent wildfires. We look forward to the opportunity to serve them, and we’re ready to obtain the answers they want and the compensation they deserve. As lawyers, we can think of no higher and more necessary duty at this time than to seek justice for our fellow Californians, and, we hope, an outcome that provides both closure and the resources to move forward. Call 866-520-6175 today!