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Electric Scooter Injury Attorneys in California

In San Francisco, Sacramento, and other cities throughout Northern California, electric scooters from companies such as Bird, Lime, and Spin are offering a new way for residents and tourists to get around urban areas. In many cases, the scooters can be picked up and parked anywhere within the city. While their convenience makes them an appealing alternative to other methods of transportation, the scooter companies put riders at risk of an electric scooter accident, and injury from falls or collisions with other vehicles.

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Electric Scooter Companies Put Riders at Risk of Injury

Electric scooter companies dropped their vehicles in multiple cities throughout California before local traffic laws could be changed to accommodate their presence on the road. While they lure riders as a fun, efficient, and cheap way to get around, they also carry a variety of injury risks involving collisions with cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles.

Because of these dangers, certain cities throughout the region ordered the scooters removed completely. However, scooter companies are working with cities and other local entities to update traffic laws, and in some cases, the vehicles have already returned—or are scheduled to return—to city streets in the Bay Area and Northern California. As the scooter companies return to city streets, so will the dangers faced by riders who must navigate traffic.

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