Defective Product

2 Steps to Take After a Defective Product Injury

by Staff Blogger | June 11th, 2018

With the number of governmental agencies regulating products and safety standards that product manufacturers must follow before releasing goods to the general public, most people assume that the items they buy are safe to use.

While that’s true for most products, a large number of potentially dangerous products slip through the cracks each year and pose serious risks to the people who buy them and anyone who uses them.

In addition to several medical devices, including joint replacements, birth control implants, and heart-related devices, ordinary consumer products can also be dangerous. A few examples include e-cigarettes and their potential to cause explosions and burns and weed killers and their potential to cause illnesses and even cancer.

If you or someone you love get hurt by a defective product, you can help protect your rights by taking the following steps:

  1. Get medical attention. Many defective product injuries can cause serious complications, while others can be potentially life-threatening. Getting evaluated by a healthcare professional can help stabilize your health, rule out dangerous complications, and get you on the path to recovery. It will also create valuable evidence for your claim that links your health problems to your use of the product in question.
  2. Get a California defective product lawyer. Without a lawyer on your side, you may be on your own when it comes to paying for expensive medical bills and incurring significant income losses that often occur after defective product injuries. It’s our goal to help you get the compensation you deserve for what you’ve been through.

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Did Your Joint Replacement Fail? You May Be Eligible for Compensation.

by Staff Blogger | February 12th, 2018

Whether due to accidents, diseases, or age-related conditions, some people’s joints are prone to wearing out and failing over time. When joints no longer work properly, the symptoms can be debilitating and disabling. Victims often experience severe pain and may even lose mobility.

Thankfully, people whose joints have worn out can get artificial replacement joints, which are surgically inserted into their bodies and designed to provide the same range of motion as real joints. However, there’s always a significant chance of complications when foreign objects are implanted inside people’s bodies—and the risks increase when those foreign objects are poorly designed, use inferior materials, or are prone to failure.

At Berg Injury Lawyers, our California defective product lawyers know that joint replacements—especially for hip and knee patients—can bring immense relief, but they’re also capable of causing serious pain and lost mobility.

If you or someone you love were hurt by a joint replacement, you may be eligible for compensation for:

  • Medical bills – When joint replacements fail, patients must undergo extensive medical treatment such as revision surgeries and physical rehabilitation—all of which can be extremely expensive.
  • Lost wages – Many patients have joint replacement surgery with the belief that they’ll be able to return to work soon. But when hip or knee replacements fail, they may be left in even more pain and with less mobility than before, putting them out of work indefinitely.

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Any Consumer Product Can Be Defective

by Staff Blogger | June 19th, 2017

As a consumer, you more than likely have to depend and trust in others to provide the necessities of life. No matter how self-sustaining your life may be, chances are you still purchase some things from a store or individual that you simply can’t produce yourself. Most of us try to make good decisions when we make purchases, taking into account how and where the products were produced, but that doesn’t necessarily protect us from defective products.

The reality is any consumer product can have or develop a defect. When those defects lead to injuries, the people of San Francisco turn to Berg Injury Lawyers to get them the justice they deserve. Over the years, we’ve handled a number of defective product cases from asbestos products to exploding e-cigarette devices. If you’ve been injured by a defective product, getting any compensation for your injuries can be difficult on your own, which is why you need an experienced product liability attorney fighting on your behalf.

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The Agreement You Make Every Time You Buy

by Staff Blogger | December 19th, 2016

Consumers have rights. You might not think that buying a product is an agreement, but it is. You’re essentially making a pact with the manufacturer that in exchange for your hard-earned money, you’ll receive a safe product that will both work as advertised and not cause you any harm. Unfortunately, a number of defective products have made their way to store shelves in recent years, causing severe injuries to thousands of people worldwide.

At Berg Injury Lawyers, we’ve dedicated an entire segment of our practice to protecting the rights of San Francisco consumers. We’ve helped those injured by defective products get maximum compensation for their injuries by holding the manufacturers accountable.

Here are just a few of the defective product cases we handle:

If you or someone you love was injured by a defective product, you may be entitled to significant compensation from the manufacturer. Give our experienced San Francisco product liability lawyers a call today for a free evaluation of your claim. We’re ready to investigate the cause of your injuries and fight to get you every dollar you deserve.

Defective Airbag Risk to Californians

by Staff Blogger | November 7th, 2016

As humans, we have an innate awareness of impending danger. It’s not a superhuman power. It’s instinctual, enabling us to determine whether a certain situation or individual poses a threat. If we didn’t have that ability, we’d be in real trouble, as the dangers of everyday life are all around us. But what about the dangers we can’t see? How do you avoid those?

One way is to stay informed. In recent years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued several warnings to consumers of defective Takata airbags that may have been inserted into 70 million vehicles worldwide. These airbags have the potential to rupture when inflated, causing serious, if not fatal, injuries to passengers. Recently, the NHTSA confirmed the eleventh known fatality involving a defective Takata airbag, and the potential danger could be a real threat to you and your family as well.

If you own or drive a vehicle on the following list, contact your dealership immediately for a no-cost replacement and repair:

  • 2001-2002 Honda Civic
  • 2001-2002 Honda Accord
  • 2002-2003 Acura 3.2TL
  • 2002 Honda CR-V
  • 2002 Honda Odyssey
  • 2003 Acura 3.2CL
  • 2003 Honda Pilot

Defective products put all of us at risk. If you’ve been injured by a defective product, you may be entitled to significant compensation from the manufacturer. Call our San Francisco product liability attorneys today for a free evaluation of your claim.

E-Cigarettes Linked to Severe Injuries

by Staff Blogger | May 24th, 2016

Over the past couple years, vaping stores have began popping up all over the Bay Area. Inside you can buy a wide array of e-cigarettes, accessories, and liquid, all completely legal. Whether or not they’re safe is another question entirely.

A lot of folks in California took up vaping as a safe alternative to traditional smoking. In their minds, vaping delivered a similar experience to cigarettes without all the harmful side effects associated with cigarette smoke. However, some of these e-cigarette devices have been known to catch fire or even explode during charging or while in use, placing many users in immediate danger. Victims have suffered severe burns and even amputations due to these defective devices, yet many of the devices are still on the market.

The ion lithium batteries in these devices can overheat during charging or while in use, leading to severe injuries or substantial property damage. Because the e-cigarette industry is mostly unregulated, devices with these defective components continue to hit the market without any government oversight. Fortunately, consumers are starting to fight back.

If you’ve been injured by a defective e-cigarette device, call our product liability lawyers today for a free evaluation. We’re standing alongside victims of these defective products to hold the manufacturers liable. Call us today.

VW Emissions Scandal May Soon Expand

by Staff Blogger | November 9th, 2015

German automaker, Volkswagen (VW), announced in September it had installed mechanisms in certain makes and models of diesel engine vehicles that were capable of cheating emissions tests. Now it seems as though the list of vehicles that are involved in the VW emissions scandal may soon expand.

The California defective product lawyers at Berg Injury Lawyers disclose that “defeat devices” had been installed in millions of VW vehicles, which led to plummeting values of the affected cars and trucks. The discovery unearthed evidence that shows the devices may result in excessive amounts of carbon dioxide and other harmful chemicals being released into our environment.

Some individuals who purchased an affected vehicle have filed lawsuits against VW, claiming their actions left motorists driving vehicles that did not perform as advertised and resulted in financial loss. It seems as though the number of alleged victims may soon increase.

Reports from Fortune announce that some six-cylinder engines may be equipped with “defeat devices,”  meaning some makes and models of Porsche and Audi vehicles may soon be involved in the VW emissions scandal.

The impact of cheating emissions testing can be costly—both financially and environmentally. That’s why the California personal injury lawyers encourage anyone who owns a vehicle that has been affected by the VW emissions scandal to consider discussing your legal rights with an attorney. Doing so may be able to help protect you and your pocketbook.

Settlement Reached in California Defective Product Lawsuit

by Staff Blogger | September 1st, 2015

Manufacturers of products sold in the United States are required to ensure the safety and proper function of their items; however, not all problems are discovered prior to a product’s release, which can lead to recalls and lawsuits being initiated.

Our California defective product attorneys at Berg Injury Lawyers point out that a settlement was recently reached in such a lawsuit, involving complaints of Fiat Chrysler Dodge Durango’s and Jeep Cherokee’s failing to start or stalling.

A report from The Detroit News says it was discovered that a malfunction in the vehicle’s fuel pump module was causing the issues. The auto manufacturer agreed to pay restitution to owners who were affected by the problem and to extend warranties on the vehicles to insure any future repairs that are needed on the faulty part will be covered.

Court documents show Fiat Chrysler has agreed to reimburse owners of the affected vehicles for the costs of their rental car during the duration of the time it took to repair their vehicle. The company will also cover the costs of repairs, parts, and labor. Furthermore, warranties on the vehicle will be extended four years and 34,000 miles.

Our legal staff at Berg Injury Lawyers understands the dangers defective car parts can pose to all motorists on the road. That’s why our California personal injury lawyers are hopeful the settlement that has been reached brings closure to each of the vehicle owners who have been affected by the problem.


Takata Airbag Recall Expanded to Include More Vehicles

by Staff Blogger | June 1st, 2015

If you’re ever in an automobile accident, you may depend on safety devices called airbags to save your life. These devices work by inflating a fabric balloon in the event of a crash, which prevents the vehicle’s occupants from hitting the frame, dashboard, steering wheel , or other interior surfaces of the car or truck upon impact.

While these devices save numerous lives each year, our California defective product attorneys at Berg Injury Lawyers explain that the airbags in your vehicle may actually be putting you and your loved ones in danger. Airbags in more than 34 million vehicles have been recalled over the past several weeks due to a problem with the how the airbags inflate during an accident.

Japan-based company Takata Corporation initiated the recall after evidence showed the airbags they manufacture may eject metal and plastic debris inside a vehicle during an accident, causing serious injuries to vehicle occupants. Last week, the company extended the recall to cover even more vehicles. So far, six deaths and more than 100 injuries have been linked to the problem.

Since it’s estimated that 1 in 4 American vehicles are now part of the Takata airbag recall, it’s crucial that you check your VIN at to find out if your vehicle’s airbags or other parts may be listed as defective.

If your airbags have been recalled, contact the manufacturer of your vehicle to schedule a replacement of the defective parts.

At Berg Injury Lawyers, we’ve seen the devastating injuries faulty safety products can cause, and our team of California personal injury attorneys are hopeful this information helps keep you and your loved ones safe from harm.


California Defective Product Attorneys Discuss Lawsuit Filed in Connection to High Levels of Arsenic in Wine

by Staff Blogger | March 23rd, 2015

California is known as one of the top wine-producing states in our nation. So, it came as a shock to the California defective product attorneys at Berg Injury Lawyers that around two dozen of the state’s wineries were named in a recent lawsuit claiming their wines contained unsafe levels of arsenic.

Arsenic is a known carcinogen. In other words, consumption of arsenic can result in a person developing any of a number of serious health conditions, including cancer.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency places a limit of 10 parts per billion (PPB) on the amount of arsenic drinking water can contain. While this limit doesn’t apply to wine, researchers and experts used it as a safety guideline when considering the amount of arsenic in wines. They found some bottles contained up to 50 PPB of arsenic, or more than 500 percent more than is allowed in drinking water.

According to CBS News, these findings prompted a lawsuit to be filed against Trader Joe’s (a grocery chain that carries many of the tainted wines) and roughly two-dozen California wineries that bottled the affected products. The suit claims the defendants failed to properly warn consumers of the dangers the wines potentially pose.

At Berg Injury Lawyers, we understand the harm that consuming a tainted product can pose to consumers. That’s why our San Francisco personal injury attorneys are hopeful a decision in this particular case will bring a sense of closure to anyone who was affected by high levels of arsenic in wine they consumed.