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How Music May Affect Your Driving Behavior

by Staff Blogger | August 7th, 2019

Car accidents occur every day when drivers get distracted by the radio dial or while flipping through a playlist, but is music itself a cause of traffic accidents? Music and driving have been an inseparable pair since radios were first added to vehicles, but now researchers are becoming interested in whether that relationship is helpful or harmful.

The Case for Music while Driving

In driving situations when you are locked in traffic, listening to music can boost your mood and reduce your stress levels. In turn, this can reduce aggressive driving and road rage.

In highway driving, listening to music has been connected with improved concentration, decreased lane drifting, and more accuracy in matching speed to flow of traffic. It also increases heartrate, making it easier for drivers to stay awake and aware.

The Case Against Music while Driving

Loud music, or any music played over 85 decibels (dB), has been shown to reduce reaction time. Likewise, fast music, or any music with more than 120 beats per minute (BPM), may cause overexcitement, and cause a driver to subconsciously speed.

When you really love a song, that may be another reason to take it off your road trip playlist. It becomes too easy to become distracted and begin making errors such as forgetting to signal or check blind spots. In studies comparing driving performance when listening to personal music vs music provided by researchers, tailgating also increased when drivers listened to their own music.

How to Build Your Playlist

In general, music with a tempo of 60-80 BPM is the safest to drive to, because it mimics the average human heart rate. Most music among today’s hits falls around 100 BPM, but anything over 120 BPM may encourage dangerous driving habits. Based on what we know about the safest and most dangerous tempos, we’ve found five of the most dangerous songs to listen to while driving and five safe alternatives, all pulled from the Billboard Hot 100.

Today’s Hits – Top 5 Most Dangerous Songs to Drive To

  1. bad guy by Billie Eilish – 135 BPM
  2. Talk by Khalid – 136 BPM
  3. Sucker by Jonas Brothers – 138 BPM
  4. If I Can’t Have You by Shawn Mendes – 124 BPM
  5. Sweet But Psycho by Ava Max – 133 BPM

Today’s Hits – Top 5 Safest Songs to Drive To

  1. Old Town Road by Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus – 67 BPM
  2. Suge by DaBaby – 75 BPM
  3. Beer Never Broke My Heart by Luke Combs – 77 BPM
  4. Earfquake by Tyler, The Creator – 80 BPM
  5. 7 Rings by Ariana Grande – 70 BPM

You can also enjoy our all-Safe Driving Playlist for your next commute.

When You’ve Been Injured in a Car Accident, Call Berg Injury Lawyers

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In a Post-Scooter World, Here’s What Road-Sharing Means

by Staff Blogger | July 24th, 2019

Dockless e-scooters are a fun, affordable, and convenient way to get around town, but most city streets and sidewalks weren’t built with these zippy little vehicles in mind. This has led to collisions between riders, drivers, and pedestrians, making it vital for drivers to be alert and cautious in areas where scooters are frequently used. Play it smart the next time you get behind the wheel with these road-sharing tips.

Do you have questions about whether your accident qualifies you for compensation? Contact our legal team today.


What to Expect: Auto Accident Claims

by Staff Blogger | June 12th, 2019

After a car accident, the most important thing you can do to protect your health and your rights to compensation is get medical attention. Even if you have no visible injuries or immediate pain, it’s important to get evaluated by a medical professional. Whether you see a first responder at the scene or visit your doctor in the days following your accident, getting medical attention can rule out or address any internal injuries, as well as create a medical record linking your injuries to the crash.

But once you’ve received the medical treatment you need, you may be wondering what to do next—especially if the accident was caused by another driver’s negligence. At Berg Injury Lawyers, we believe you should be compensated for what you’ve gone through, and we want to help. Read on to find out what happens when you file an auto accident injury claim in California.

What Happens If We Take Your Case

When you call Berg Injury Lawyers after an accident, we’ll ask questions to learn more about your claim.

If we determine that you have a case, we can collect and analyze evidence such as witness testimonies, crash scene debris, and police reports to support your claim and determine who can be held liable.

We can also assess your injury-related expenses, including your current and future medical bills, current and future lost wages, and pain and suffering, to determine a fair settlement amount. Then, we’ll negotiate with the responsible party’s insurance company on your behalf to help you get the compensation you deserve. If the insurance company refuses to give you a fair settlement, we won’t hesitate to take your case to court.

After a Car Accident, Get Berg!

If you or your loved one suffered injuries in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, contact the California car crash attorneys at Berg Injury Lawyers today. We have more than 35 years of experience fighting for injury victims in the Bay Area and throughout California, and we know what it takes to build strong claims. Let us get to work for you and your family today. You can contact us 24/7, and with our No Fee Guarantee®, if you don’t win, you pay nothing.

5 Tips to Stay Safe on the Roads This Memorial Day Weekend

by Staff Blogger | May 22nd, 2019

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer, and millions of people are expected to hit the roads for weekend getaways and celebrations. In 2018, 36.6 million people traveled by car on Memorial Day weekend.

Because there are more vehicles on the roads during holiday weekends, the risk of being involved in a car accident increases. In fact, Memorial Day weekend is known for being one of the deadliest holiday weekends of the year.

Celebrate safely this year and reduce your risks by following these safe driving tips for Memorial Day weekend.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

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Hands-Free Isn’t Risk-Free

by Staff Blogger | May 8th, 2019

We have more technology in our cars than ever before, including safety features like backup cameras, blind spot detectors, and lane departure warning systems. In-vehicle infotainment systems include touchscreen menus, Bluetooth connectivity, and navigation systems. While those features are meant to create a more luxurious driving experience and decrease driver distractions, they often do the opposite—particularly when it comes to texting and making phone calls.

Manually texting while driving is especially dangerous because it involves the three types of driver distraction: visual, manual, and cognitive. Although using voice controls or voice-to-text features can reduce manual distractions, they don’t eliminate the risks of using a cell phone behind the wheel.

The Experts Agree—You Can’t Safely Multitask While Driving

According to the National Safety Council, talking on the phone or using a voice-to-text feature while driving reduces the brain’s ability to process moving images by one third. That means that hands-free phone use isn’t much safer than using a hand-held phone or texting manually.

AAA Foundation President and CEO Peter Kissinger explains: “Increased mental workload and cognitive distractions can lead to a type of tunnel vision or inattention blindness where motorists don’t see potential hazards right in front of them.”

Next time you think about using voice controls to text or make a phone call while driving, consider the risks. While your hands might be free, your mind will be distracted and focused less on the road ahead.

California Car Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in an accident because another driver was distracted or negligent, the California car accident attorneys at Berg Injury Lawyers want to speak with you. We’re here to help you get the compensation you deserve, and if you don’t win, you pay nothing. Contact us now for a free case review.

Settlement Offer After a Crash? Don’t Accept It Without Talking to a Lawyer.

by Staff Blogger | April 24th, 2019

If you were recently injured in an auto accident, there’s a good chance the other driver’s insurance company knows about it. Insurance companies are always looking for ways to increase their profits, and that means paying victims like you as little as possible after crashes.  

Because auto accident victims often face expensive medical bills and a prolonged time away from work, they know that getting money fast is one of their top priorities. Unfortunately, insurance companies take advantage of that fact by offering victims settlements that aren’t nearly enough to cover all of their injury-related expenses.

At Berg Injury Lawyers, our California auto accident attorneys are here to protect you from the insurance company’s tricks and tactics. We can calculate how much your claim is worth, and it’s our goal to help you get every dollar that you deserve. Call us today for a free consultation.

3 Reasons to Not Immediately Accept the Insurance Company’s Initial Offer

If the insurance company offers you a settlement soon after your crash, you shouldn’t accept it without consulting a lawyer first for the following reasons:

  1. It may not cover your expenses—The insurance company knows you need money now, but it may not factor in your future injury-related expenses.
  2. You may be unable to pursue additional compensation—If you accept the insurance company’s offer, you may be locked out from filing a claim for more money down the road.
  3. It’s important to get a second opinion—Even if the amount the insurance company is offering seems fair, it’s essential to have an experienced attorney look over it to make sure that accepting it is in your best interests.

Our California car accident attorneys know that insurance companies are out to protect their own profits—not give victims the money they deserve. Don’t be a victim for a second time after your crash. Contact Berg Injury Lawyers today to find out how we may be able to help.

What Should You Do if You Were Hurt in a Crash Caused by Someone You Know?

by Staff Blogger | April 23rd, 2019

Filing injury claims against negligent drivers is common for people who are hurt in crashes that weren’t their fault. But when those negligent drivers are their friends or family members, they’re often much less likely to pursue compensation.

If you were recently hurt in a crash that was caused by a friend or loved one, it’s important to speak to a California auto accident lawyer about your options. You’re likely facing significant accident-related expenses, including medical bills and lost wages, but you may be hesitant to move forward.  

Our lawyers want to help you make the right decisions during this difficult time. It’s our goal to  help you review your options and decide on the best course of action to make sure you’re fairly compensated. Contact Berg Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation.  

3 Steps to Take After a Crash

It’s important to act fast after a crash, even if it was caused by a friend or family member. Three vital steps to your recovery and your rights to compensation include:

  1. Call 911—Calling 911 dispatches police officers and emergency responders to your location. The responding officers will create an official report of the crash, while the paramedics will provide aid to anyone who is injured.
  2. Get medical attention—Regardless of whether you get treated at the scene or you don’t think you are seriously injured, it’s still important to see a doctor soon after the crash. In addition to creating a medical report, it will also help rule out internal injuries.
  3. Call a lawyer—Evidence quickly disappears after crashes, making it more difficult for victims to get the compensation they need. The sooner you contact us after your accident, the better.

We know that filing a compensation claim against a friend or loved one can be an uncomfortable and stressful experience. Our legal team is ready to handle your case with the sensitivity it deserves, and we’ll make sure you know all your options when it comes to getting the money you deserve. Call us today for a free consultation.

3 Reasons Auto Accident Claims Get Denied

by Staff Blogger | April 17th, 2019

Car crashes result in serious injuries and big medical bills. Many victims are unable to go back to work for long periods of time, and when they’re not working, they’re not earning the paychecks they need for their day-to-day living expenses.  

Auto insurance providers are supposed to step in and provide compensation for victims after accidents that weren’t their fault, but that doesn’t always happen. In fact, insurance companies are often more concerned with their own profits than giving fair settlements to innocent victims. That means valid claims frequently get reduced or even denied.

At Berg Injury Lawyers, we believe that victims should get the money they deserve when they get injured by negligent drivers. If you were hurt in a crash that wasn’t your fault, don’t leave your financial recovery up to the insurance company’s whims. Contact our California auto accident attorneys today for a free consultation.  

Insurance Companies Often Look for These Mistakes and Oversights

Insurance companies and the adjusters who work for them are always on the lookout for reasons to deny claims, including:

  1. Discrepancies or changes in injury reports—Victims should always be honest about their injuries. Exaggerating the severity of their injuries or changing their stories later can result in their claims being denied by insurance companies.
  2. Waiting too long to get medical treatment—Insurance companies assume that injured victims will seek immediate medical attention. When victims wait too long to get treated, adjusters may believe that their injuries aren’t serious or are pre-existing.
  3. Lack of evidence—Evidence can help prove that victims are innocent and that other drivers were negligent in the moments leading up to crashes. When evidence is lacking or non-existent, insurance companies are less likely to give victims compensation.

Having an experienced law firm on your side can help you avoid those missteps. Don’t risk your claim getting reduced or denied. Contact Berg Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation, and let us fight for your rights to maximum compensation.

Get the Facts on Distracted Driving

by Staff Blogger | April 10th, 2019

Not Sure If You Should Hire a Lawyer? Take It From Those Who Did.

by Staff Blogger | March 27th, 2019

If you were hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault, getting compensation is one of your biggest priorities. That’s because your medical bills are piling up, and your injuries may prevent you from working and earning the paychecks you need to keep up with your family’s day-to-day expenses.

Hiring a lawyer can help you maximize your chances of getting full compensation for your accident-related expenses, but you may be hesitant to make the call. Getting a lawyer after an accident can be an intimidating process for some people, especially if they’ve never needed to use the legal system in the past. At Berg Injury Lawyers, we do everything we can to help clients feel comfortable and confident in us and our track record of success.

How Can a Lawyer Help After an Accident?

A 2014 study by the Insurance Research Council found that 93 percent of people who hired lawyers after their accidents said they would do it again. Here are a couple reasons why so many people may have been glad that they contacted law firms:

  • A lawyer deals with the insurance company on your behalf—Insurance adjusters have one job—reducing or denying payments to victims like you. They accomplish that by trying to get victims to make incriminating statements or by getting them to accept lowball settlements. You shouldn’t have to deal with that when you’re recovering, and when you get a lawyer, you won’t have to. All phone calls, letters, and emails will go through your attorney.
  • A lawyer negotiates to get you maximum compensation—The expenses associated with injuries can continue adding up as months or years go by. With a lawyer on your side, you’ll know that your settlement won’t just cover your current expenses—it will also cover expenses you may incur down the road.

At Berg Injury Lawyers, our California auto accident attorneys know what you’re going through after a crash, and it’s our goal to help you get maximum compensation. Call today for a free consultation.