Slip and Fall Prevention: Best Practices for Businesses

by Staff Blogger | September 1st, 2023

Sacramento businesses must take preventative measures to avoid slips and falls. Failure to do so will result in significant financial losses, including lost wages, working days, and costly in-hospital and prescription drug expenses.

Let’s look at a few considerations that businesses should take when making their properties safe for employees and customers.

Causes of Slips and Falls in Businesses

Common causes of workplace slips and falls include:

  • Poor walking conditions
  • Insufficient footwear
  • Clutter and debris
  • Wet or oily floors
  • Uneven surfaces
  • An overall lack of hazard identification

Statistics on the Cost of Slip and Fall Accidents for Businesses

Accidental falls cost businesses a lot of money. They represent 15% of all fatal accidents and cost companies more than $19 billion annually. The primary triggers of slip and fall accidents are unsafe walking conditions (55%) and inadequate footwear (24%). These two triggers account for 79% of all slip and fall incidents.

Best Practices for Slip and Fall Prevention

Here are some best practices that property managers and business owners can take to prevent slips and falls in the workplace:

Maintaining Cleanliness and Order

  • Regularly mopping floors and removing spills and trash as soon as they occur.
  • Keeping wires, debris, and other obstructions away from walkways.
  • Making sure that materials and equipment are properly stored to avoid trip hazards.

Adequate Lighting

Make sure that all spaces are well-lit, including the stairs and hallways. Replace burned-out bulbs immediately and take care of any locations needing more lighting.

Adopt Sensible Warnings and Signage

Use clear and visible signage to signal potential risks, such as wet floors or uneven surfaces. In areas where cleaning or maintenance tasks are being performed, post warning signs.

Maintenance and Repairs of Walking Surfaces

Examine and maintain walking surfaces regularly, including floors, stairwells, and outdoor spaces. Immediately fix cracks, uneven surfaces, or loose tiles to avoid trip risks.

Encourage Wearing Proper Shoes

Motivate staff members to wear suitable footwear with non-slip soles. Provide standards and suggestions for footwear that is appropriate for the workplace.

Train Employees on Safety Protocols

Hold frequent safety training sessions to educate staff on preventing slips and falls. Teach safe methods for walking on stairs and slick surfaces.

Perform Routine Inspections

Establish a routine inspection program to find and address potential hazards. To keep track of the preventative measures you’ve taken, keep records of inspections and corrective actions.

Respond Promptly to Reported Hazards

Encourage workers to report any potential risks or dangerous situations. As soon as someone reports a hazard, address it immediately.

Steps to Take if a Slip and Fall Accident Occurs

Here are some actions that businesses can take in the event of a slip-and-fall accident:

Inform the Property Owner

The company should notify the manager or owner of the property promptly and inform them that an accident has occurred. Give information on the accident, such as the time, place, and cause.

Seek Emergency Medical Help

Even if the wounded party isn’t injured, the company should advise them to get medical help immediately. Every injury should be documented to support possible workers’ compensation claims and possible legal action.

Record the Incident

The company should record the incident by photographing the accident scene and any hazards that may have contributed to it. It is important to document any actions taken to fix the hazard.

If You’re Injured, a Slip and Fall Attorney Can Help

Here are just a few benefits of speaking with an experienced attorney after suffering a slip and fall-related injury on a business’s property:

Legal Counsel

The best action an injured person can take after being injured is to have their case reviewed by an experienced slip and fall attorney, who will offer legal help. They help their client understand their legal options and rights.

Compensation Maximization

Sacramento slip and fall lawyers will help their clients get maximum compensation for medical expenditures, missed income, and other associated costs. They will negotiate with the insurance companies to ensure that the injured person gets fairly compensated.

Handling and Processing Paperwork

A lawyer will handle the paperwork and administrative duties related to making a claim or taking legal action. Their client can rely on the support provided, which effectively reduces their stress and workload.

Defending the Employee in Court

An attorney will represent their client in court if they need to file a lawsuit. A lawyer will always advocate for the employee and offer proof to back up their claims.

It’s crucial to act quickly if you or a loved one has suffered an injury in a slip and fall accident. To learn more about your legal options and rights for pursuing compensation, contact a slip-and-fall attorney now. Contact us to get the assistance you require.