How to Prepare for a Consultation with a Modesto Accident Attorney

by Staff Blogger | July 21st, 2023

The initial consultation with a lawyer is crucial to the success of your claim. An accident attorney in Modesto will know what to look for when reviewing an accident claim and will typically ask the right questions. If unprepared, an accident victim may not have the correct answers or may unwittingly provide false information.

If you were a victim of an accident and are seeking legal counsel, know that preparation for your initial consultation will be paramount. Having the appropriate documentation about your accident and injuries will ensure that your attorney can determine the strength of your case.

Prepare Before a Consultation with an Accident Attorney

Accidents are distracting. They happen out of nowhere and force you to pause your daily routine and instead deal with insurance claims, hospital visits, and lost income. When that happens, victims often want a quick resolution so that they can get back to their everyday lives.

Below is a discussion of how victims can equip themselves for the consultation.

Collecting Evidence

When victims have evidence of an accident, it’s easier to file a claim. Evidence can be pictures of the accident scene, videos, or eyewitness statements.

The most important step after an accident is to seek medical attention. But if the victim can take pictures or record a video before leaving the scene, these will be helpful for their claim. Victims can ask someone else to collect evidence if they are too hurt or shaken to do so themselves.

Surveillance cameras can also provide footage of the accident and vindicate innocent victims against insurance companies trying to manipulate them.

Keep a Journal

Some symptoms of a victim’s injuries may take a long time to appear, as shown in this video. Victims should keep a journal of how they feel for several days and weeks following the accident.

Writing down how they feel and how their lives have changed can help victims discover injuries that health providers may have missed. It also clearly shows non-economic damages, such as pain, suffering, and emotional distress.

Keep All Medical Records

It is essential to factor in every diagnosis and prognosis when estimating the value of an accident claim.

Victims should take note and keep records of all the treatments they undergo. Health providers can help foresee how injuries will affect the victim’s future. Skilled accident attorneys will collect all relevant medical information once they decide if an accident victim has a valid claim. Bringing as much documentation as possible to the initial consultation will help the attorney understand what may be involved in a case.

Bring Medical and Insurance Bills to the Consultation

Collect all bills from treatments that have occurred as well as estimates for any future procedures or care. If there are payments you made for anything related to your treatment or accident, bring receipts.

An accident attorney in Modesto can estimate the potential recoverable damages when you provide a clear picture of all losses.

Make a List of Questions

Your prospective attorney will ask many questions and you will have questions of your own. Make a list before you go to ensure you do not forget to ask them. Your consultation is a two-way conversation, so even if the question feels irrelevant, write it down and ask.

Keep an Open Mind

There are many accident attorneys in Modesto and other areas of California. A consultation does not mean you have committed to an attorney, nor does it mean that firm will take your case. It is important that you evaluate the firm as they are evaluating your case.

Modesto residents need to feel that the attorney they choose to represent them understands their needs and can show them compassion during the process. Most important of all, the attorney and their law firm should be licensed to practice and competent in handling accident claims in California.

How to Determine if a Prospective Modesto Attorney is Reliable

Even first-time accident victims should know if the lawyer they plan to hire is a good fit. A reliable attorney:

  • Cannot promise specific results. It’s against the law for attorneys to predict results for a case that has yet to begin.
  • Should not compare one claim to another. All claims are unique. Consider it a red flag if the attorney unduly compares your case to another.
  • Treats the victim with dignity and validates any concerns. A good lawyer should make the victim feel respected. Their concerns are valid.

Even if you are dealing with pain, hospital visits and more, taking a moment to think before speaking with a Modesto accident attorney can increase your chances of getting fair compensation. At Berg Injury Lawyers, we pride ourselves on treating our clients respectfully. We listen and tailor our services to the needs of every individual. Our No Fee Guarantee™ ensures that if you do not win, you pay nothing. Schedule a free, non-obligatory consultation with our experienced attorneys today.