Two California Workers Suffer Serious Chemical Burns

by Staff Blogger | March 10th, 2014

There are several types of burn injuries one can sustain, but one of the most difficult to treat is a chemical burn. Compounds and substances with an extremely low Ph, such as an acid, is capable of causing serious damage to the tissues of the body. The injuries may be further complicated by difficulties in neutralizing the substance to stop the burn. Just last month, two workers at the Golden Eagle Refinery in Contra Costa County were left with a serious California Burn Injury after coming into contact with an acid while working. According to an article from the San Francisco Chronicle, the accident happened February 12, when a pipe burst and splashed the acid on the two employees. Both were immediately rushed to a local trauma center where they were able to receive treatment. The facility where the accident occurred is now coming under fire for failing to protect workers’ safety after company officials refused to allow inspectors with the Chemical Safety Board onto the property. The company stated the injuries did not warrant a federal investigation and added they are instead cooperating with CalOSHA on the matter. The California Personal Injury Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers are aware of the serious dangers chemical burns can pose and encourage anyone who has suffered such an injury to discuss their legal options with an attorney.