Berg Injury Lawyers Is Representing the Montano Family After Fatal Crash

by Staff | December 3rd, 2021

A fatal crash that killed four members of a North Highland family has led to an outpouring of support and a tragic reminder of the perils of drunk driving. Berg Injury Lawyers is now representing the surviving family members and committed to getting justice on their behalf.

Brittany and Tony Montano, along with their three children—Marianna, Antonio Jr., and Julian—were traveling to the Grand Canyon for Thanksgiving vacation when they were struck by a suspected drunk driver going the wrong way on Interstate 80.

Four-year-old Julian was the sole survivor of the crash, though he suffered head trauma and multiple fractures.

After the crash, thieves broke into the Montano home and stole irreplaceable family keepsakes, as was recently reported by Fox 40.

Showing Support for the Montano Family

Members of the North Highland community left flowers and candles on the Montano’s driveway. Surviving Montano family members expressed gratitude for the community’s ongoing support.

Anyone interested in contributing to the family’s GoFundMe page is highly encouraged to do so. The funds will be put toward Julian’s medical bills, as well as burial expenses for Tony, Brittany, Marianna, and Antonio Jr.

We’re Fighting for the Montano Family

Berg Injury Lawyers attorney Chelsea Monahan is representing the Montano family. As Chelsea told the media at a recent press conference, the Montano home robbery added insult to the immense suffering the family is already enduring. However, our team is fighting to obtain some measure of justice for these tragic deaths.

We hope that these tragic incidents serve as a reminder of the dangers of drunk driving. AAA reports that hundreds of people die each year from wrong-way crashes, and 60% of those crashes involve an alcohol-impaired driver.

Berg Injury Lawyers has been serving the Bay Area since 1981. We’re committed to pursuing justice for victims of negligence. If you have any questions or would like to speak to our team, please contact us today.