Getting the SSD Benefits You Need to Survive

by Staff Blogger | March 6th, 2017

There are certain benefits the government provides that should never be taken away. One of those benefits is Social Security Disability (SSD). The program provides lifesaving benefits for those who can no longer provide for themselves due to a disability. Without SSD benefits, many of these folks would fall through the cracks of poverty with no way of pulling themselves out again. That’s why the Social Security Disability attorneys at Berg Injury Lawyers take their job seriously. For many disabled Californians, we are their last hope of securing the disability benefits they desperately need to survive. Just how challenging is it? More than two-thirds of all initial applications are denied benefits. Although there are a host of reasons why, one contributing factor is that many applicants don’t know the process well enough to submit an adequate application. So they get denied. If that’s happened to you, give our experienced San Francisco Social Security Disability attorneys a call today for a free consultation. We’re ready to review your case for free. If we feel like we can help, we’ll fight to get you maximum benefits in the least amount of time. Your future depends on securing SSD benefits. Contact us today.