The Only Guarantee You Need

by Staff Blogger | February 29th, 2016

Guarantees are hard to come by in the legal community. No lawyer can guarantee a certain outcome, no matter how open and shut the case may be. Even if they were confident enough to offer such a guarantee, the California Bar Association wouldn’t allow it. However, there is a guarantee that Berg Injury Lawyers can make you with 100% confidence, and that’s the No Fee Guarantee. The No Fee Guarantee states that if you don’t win, you pay nothing. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? We’ll essentially work for free, for however long it takes to settle your case, and if we don’t get you money at the end of that process, you don’t pay. We can afford to do this for a couple of reasons:
  1. We have years of experience. We’ve been helping people get the maximum compensation for their injuries for more than 30 years. That experience gives us a unique ability to quickly assess whether or not a case is worth pursuing. When we take on your case it means we whole-heartedly believe we’ll win. In fact, we believe so strongly that we’ll offer a No Fee Guarantee without reservation.
  2. We know how to win. There’s a level of confidence that comes from our track record of winning significant settlements for our clients. That success doesn’t happen by accident. It comes from winning often and winning big. Because of that success, we’re able to offer our clients a No Fee Guarantee, so they can be as confident in our abilities as we are.
Calling a lawyer to handle your personal injury claim should be the easiest decision you make after an accident. At Berg Injury Lawyers, we make it even easier with our No Fee Guarantee. If you’ve been injured, give us a call today for a free consultation. We’d love to speak with you.