Steps to Take After a Bicycle Accident in Sacramento

by Staff Blogger | August 7th, 2023

Bicycling in Sacramento can be a convenient and eco-friendly way to navigate the city. However, accidents can happen, and taking immediate action is crucial to protect your rights and well-being. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, bicyclist deaths have increased by 60% since 2010, with 45 deaths in Sacramento County between 2017 and 2021.

As you head out on your bicycle to enjoy the sunny weather and engage in outdoor activities, you can prevent an accident by knowing how to ensure your safety and what steps to take after a cycling accident in Sacramento.

Seek Medical Attention

When you’re involved in a bicycle accident, the first step is to prioritize your safety and well-being. Do the following after your accident to preserve your rights and get the necessary medical attention:

  • Move to a safe location: Immediately after the accident, relocate yourself and your bicycle to a secure area off the road. This action prevents further harm from passing vehicles and allows you to assess your injuries without additional risks.
  • Seek medical attention: Regardless of the severity of your injuries, seek medical attention promptly. Even seemingly minor injuries, such as bruising or a concussion, can have underlying complications that only a medical professional can properly diagnose.
  • Document your injuries: While receiving medical care, thoroughly document your injuries. Take photographs of visible injuries such as bruises, cuts, or abrasions. These visual records serve as valuable evidence when building your case. Additionally, note any symptoms, pain levels, or limitations you experience due to the accident. This documentation supports your compensation claim.
  • Keep all medical records: Retain copies of all medical records, bills, and receipts for your treatment. Your attorney will use these records to help you file a compensation claim for medical expenses or other damages resulting from the accident. Organize them in a secure place for easy access during the legal process.

Gathering Essential Evidence for the Accident

After ensuring your safety following the bicycle accident, gather as much evidence as possible from the scene. This can strengthen your case when pursuing a personal injury claim. To adequately document the incident, do the following:

  • Capture the scene: Use your smartphone to take photographs or videos of the accident scene. Focus on capturing visible damage to your bicycle, other vehicles involved, or any hazardous conditions present. These images serve as crucial evidence when determining liability and demonstrating the extent of the damages.
  • Obtain contact information: Collect contact information from all involved parties, including drivers, pedestrians, and witnesses. Their testimonies may provide valuable insights into what happened during the accident. Record their names, phone numbers, and addresses to facilitate future communication.
  • Document relevant details: Pay close attention to and document important details such as road conditions, traffic signals, weather conditions, and any other factors that may have contributed to the accident. These details help establish the circumstances surrounding the incident and assist in determining fault.
  • File a police report: It is crucial to report the bicycle accident to the Sacramento Police Department or local law enforcement. Contact them immediately and provide all relevant information about the incident. A police report serves as an official record of the accident, which proves valuable when dealing with insurance companies or pursuing legal action.

Protecting Your Rights After the Accident

Taking immediate steps to safeguard your rights following a bicycle accident lets you seek compensation from the driver who caused your injuries. A skilled bicycle attorney from Berg Injury Lawyers can review the evidence in your case and help you file a claim with the negligent driver’s insurance.

Our attorneys know Sacramento traffic and bicycle laws and will guide you on your legal options after a collision. If the driver’s insurance company refuses to settle for a fair amount to cover your injuries, we will represent you in a personal injury lawsuit. This can help you win damages to cover medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.

Call Our Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Sacramento

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