Data Indicates Many Veterans Are Unaware of Available Services and Programs

by Staff Blogger | March 24th, 2014

Those considered disabled due to injuries sustained while serving in the military are entitled to certain benefits provided by the federal government, including Veterans Disability Benefits. New data indicates that many veterans in California may not be taking full advantage of the assistance they are offered. A story from Capital Public Radio states approximately 20 percent of veterans are taking full advantage of the health care benefits they are entitled to. Furthermore, even fewer are collecting other forms of compensation, such as pensions, that they have earned. These numbers leave many asking the big question of, “why?” Officials believe one of the largest contributing factors to the problem is that soldiers and veterans are not properly educated on the assistance options available to them. One veteran who spent 22-years in service explained that, for a long period of time, she was unaware of a home loan program available to veterans. She now assists other veterans in learning about the programs and services they are entitled to. The California Personal Injury Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers are aware of how confusing navigating veterans’ benefits programs can be. That is why the firm encourages those who may qualify for assistance to discuss their options with a reputable attorney as soon as possible.