Study Shows Derivers’ Perception Problem May Be To Blame For Some Collisions

by Staff Blogger | December 16th, 2013

December 16, 2013 Each year, hundreds of Californians are injured or killed as the result of accidents involving motorcycles. Too often though, a motorist in another vehicle who fails to recognize or yield the right-of-way to an oncoming motorcycle causes these crashes. The California Motorcycle Accident Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers explain that a new study may shed some light as to why these accidents are so common. According to an article published in a recent issue of Current Directions in Psychological Science, a team of researchers from Texas Tech University found that humans tend to judge smaller objects as being further away than larger objects at the same distance. Due to the fact motorcycles are much smaller than cars, the error in perception may cause motorists to inaccurately judge the distance of a bike, especially when turning left. Despite the cause of a crash, California law states that a driver may be held liable for damages that are the result of an accident they cause. These damages may include compensation for lost income, medical bills, and other expenses related to the crash. Berg Injury Lawyers and their team of California Personal Injury Lawyers recognize the serious hazards riding a motorcycle can pose and encourage anyone who is injured while riding because of the negligence of another motorist to discuss their legal rights with a qualified attorney immediately.