Motorcyclists More Likely to Die on California Roads

by Staff Blogger | June 20th, 2016

Motorcycle enthusiasts know that California has some of the best roads for riding. Whether you’re looking for a scenic highway along the coast or an off-road adventure through the mountains, California boasts some of the best riding in the country. Safety is an important factor, which is why California requires every rider to wear a helmet, no exceptions. Unfortunately even the safest riders are still involved in accidents, many of which are not their fault. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in a crash and 5 times more likely to be injured. In fact, more than 4,500 people were killed in motorcycle crashes in 2014, and negligent drivers caused many of those accidents. At Berg Injury Lawyers, we believe motorcyclists have the right to ride California without having to worry about negligent drivers, which is why we fight for the rights of motorcycle accident victims who have been injured by careless drivers. If you or someone you love was injured in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, call our San Francisco motorcycle accident attorneys today for a free consultation. We’ll fully investigate the cause of your accident and hold the responsible party accountable. You deserve to be paid for your injuries, and we’ll fight to make sure you are.