Stay Safe While You Cook This Thanksgiving

by Staff Blogger | November 23rd, 2015

It only takes one bite to know that flash frying a turkey is an effective and tasty way to cook your bird for Thanksgiving. If this is your plan, you should be aware of the risks of suffering a fire and burn injury while frying a turkey. The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) estimates that each Thanksgiving, as many as 43,000 fires are reported in the United States. Roughly 1,000 of those fires are the result of accidents while frying turkeys. Last year in California alone, more than 12 fires that were linked to turkey frying accidents resulted in insurance claims. In order to help keep Americans safe while they cook this year, the USFA has complied a list of tips that you can use to prevent a turkey fryer fire. In addition to these suggestions, the legal staff at Berg Injury Lawyers urges you to consider these options as well if you’re going to fry a turkey.
  • Cook outside- This will help to reduce the materials that can be exposed to flames in the event of a fire.
  • Make sure the turkey is thawed and dried- Any water or ice that comes into contact with hot oil can cause the flammable liquid to splatter and possibly ignite on the burner.
  • Have a fire extinguisher handy- Grease fires can be difficult to extinguish and can be aggravated with water, so be sure to have a fire extinguisher readily available any time you’re frying food.
The California personal injury attorneys at Berg Injury Lawyers hope these tips help to keep you and your loved ones safe as you cook this Thanksgiving.