Why Do You Need a Lawyer After Suffering a Drug Injury?

by Staff Blogger | September 9th, 2019

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs are supposed to make you feel better. But for some people, taking a new medication—or even a medication they’ve taken for years—can suddenly result in them suffering serious and even life-threatening complications. When that happens, it’s called a drug injury, and it’s often the result of negligence. Drug companies are required to thoroughly test their medications and to alert the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to all possible side effects and complications. But when adverse effects are particularly dangerous, the FDA may deny those companies approval to put their medications on the market. Because drug companies spend billions of dollars researching and developing new drugs, they’re often desperate to get them on the market—and that sometimes results in hiding serious side effects from the FDA. At Berg Injury Lawyers, we fight for the rights of people who were harmed because of others’ negligence. Whether it’s a driver on the road or a huge pharmaceutical company, we hold negligent parties accountable when their actions or inactions cause others to suffer harm. If you or someone you love took a prescription or over-the-counter medication and suffered serious health problems or injuries, you deserve compensation, and our California drug injury lawyers want to help you get it. Drug companies are well protected when it comes to litigation and compensation claims, but we know how to build cases that get results. Don’t let the money you deserve slip away. Contact us today for a free consultation.