Trust Established to Cover Costs Associated with Defective Product Injuries

by Staff Blogger | June 16th, 2014

The manufacturers of the products that are on the market in the United States today have a responsibility to test these items prior to their release to ensure safety. Any issues or problems that are discovered must then either be corrected or the product must carry a warning label describing the potential dangers to consumers. Unfortunately, these warnings are not always enough to prevent a defective product from harming someone. Take the case that is being brought against the owner of the company that makes BuckyBalls and BuckyCubes. These small, magnetic balls were marketed beginning in 2009 as an adult toy. Warning labels stated the product may present health risks to small children because of the risk of ingestion or choking. Despite these warning labels being placed on the product, numerous reports surfaced of small children ingesting the balls that then reconnected inside the digestive system, which caused damage to internal organs and systems. In response, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has asked the manufacturers of the product to cease distribution and marketing of the product. The company has also established a trust to cover the costs associated with injuries the product may have caused to consumers. At Berg Injury Lawyers, our team of California personal injury attorneys is aware of the serious harm that can result from using a defective product such as BuckyBalls and encourage anyone who has been injured by this type of product to discuss your legal options with a legal representative.