E-Cigarettes Linked to Severe Injuries

by Staff Blogger | May 24th, 2016

Over the past couple years, vaping stores have began popping up all over the Bay Area. Inside you can buy a wide array of e-cigarettes, accessories, and liquid, all completely legal. Whether or not they’re safe is another question entirely. A lot of folks in California took up vaping as a safe alternative to traditional smoking. In their minds, vaping delivered a similar experience to cigarettes without all the harmful side effects associated with cigarette smoke. However, some of these e-cigarette devices have been known to catch fire or even explode during charging or while in use, placing many users in immediate danger. Victims have suffered severe burns and even amputations due to these defective devices, yet many of the devices are still on the market. The ion lithium batteries in these devices can overheat during charging or while in use, leading to severe injuries or substantial property damage. Because the e-cigarette industry is mostly unregulated, devices with these defective components continue to hit the market without any government oversight. Fortunately, consumers are starting to fight back. If you’ve been injured by a defective e-cigarette device, call our product liability lawyers today for a free evaluation. We’re standing alongside victims of these defective products to hold the manufacturers liable. Call us today.