What Should You Do if You Suspect Your Medical Device Is Defective?

by Staff Blogger | August 6th, 2018

Medical devices are designed to help people by treating their health conditions and improving their mobility and range of motion. But like all products, they’re subject to quality control issues—and that means some units can be defective and even dangerous. At Berg Injury Lawyers, our California defective product lawyers know that thousands of patients undergo procedures to have medical devices implanted or installed in their bodies every year. And while many of those patients experience only minor side effects, others may experience devastating complications that can be life-threatening. If you or someone you love received a medical device and you believe that it may be defective, it’s important to take the following two steps right away:
  • Call your doctor. Getting in touch with your doctor on the phone or in person and explaining your symptoms and any complications you’re experiencing is a vital step. Your doctor can examine you and determine whether your medical device is defective and what steps you might need to take to correct the issue.
  • Call a lawyer. If it’s determined that your medical device is defective, you may need revision surgery and other invasive treatments that are expensive and could put you out of work. Getting compensated for what you’ve been through requires evidence and a proactive mindset, and that’s why calling a lawyer right away can be beneficial.
Defective medical device injuries are serious and can even be fatal. Don’t wait to get the legal help you deserve. Call us today for a free consultation.