Lawyers for California Drunk Driving Victims Offering Safe and Sober Rides this St. Patrick’s Day

by Staff Blogger | March 16th, 2015

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, and that means many in the Bay Area will take to the streets to celebrate Irish heritage and tradition. Many of the festivities will involve alcohol, and unfortunately, the consumption of libations around this particular holiday is notorious for causing accidents and injuries—especially among young people. That’s why many organizations around the San Francisco area are doing their part to prevent accidents that could potentially leave California drunk driving victims in their wake. Both the California State Police and San Francisco law enforcement officials have vowed to crack down on alcohol violations during the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day festivities. According to an article from NBC Bay Area News, law enforcement will be focusing on arresting adults who are caught purchasing alcohol for minors. Over the last several days, officers have been able to apprehend and cite at least 60 people who bought alcohol for those who are underage. Officers will also be targeting drunk drivers by conducting sobriety checkpoints and patrols throughout the evening tomorrow. So if you’ve had too much to drink, don’t get behind the wheel. Instead, utilize Berg Injury Lawyer’s Safe and Sober program. Our campaign will provide you with a free cab ride home on St. Patrick’s Day if you live in the Bay Area and find that you’ve had too much to drink. To participate, just call Yellow Cab of Sacramento or Luxor Cab of San Francisco and have your driver send the receipt to us here at Berg Injury Lawyers. We will cover the first $35 of your ride home. We hope you choose to have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day by remembering to stay safe and sober!