What Types of Compensation Are Available for Brain Injury Victims?

by Staff Blogger | June 10th, 2019

All injuries have the potential to have devastating consequences for victims. However, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are associated with unique challenges and complications. That’s because the detrimental and disabling effects caused by TBIs are often permanent, making it more difficult for victims to work, enjoy the things they once loved, and even live independently. At Berg Injury Lawyers, our California brain injury attorneys fight for the rights of people who suffered TBIs through no fault of their own. Over the years, we’ve helped many families who were dealing with the aftermaths of TBIs, and we’ve seen how disruptive and expensive they can be. That’s why it’s our goal to help victims and their loved ones get maximum compensation for things like:
  • Medical bills—TBIs are associated with extensive medical care and treatments. Victims often require surgeries and physical rehabilitation, and some may even need around-the-clock medical attention or supervision.
  • Lost wages—TBIs can affect victims’ abilities to work in two ways. First, they can lead to cognitive deficits that make it difficult to handle mental workloads. Second, they can interfere with fine motor skills, making it difficult for victims to perform routine tasks at their jobs.
  • Pain and suffering—TBIs can dramatically affect victims’ enjoyment of their lives. They may be in constant pain, and they may be unable to participate in their favorite hobbies. They also may be limited in their abilities to spend time with their loved ones.
If you or someone you love suffered a TBI, we want to help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.