Head Injuries and Toxin Exposure May Lead To Onset Of Parkinson’s Disease

by Staff Blogger | December 3rd, 2012

December 3, 2012 Researchers at UCLA discovered that the combination of exposure to dangerous pesticides and sustaining a California Brain Injury can lead to having a three times higher chance of developing Parkinson’s disease. An article published in Neurology stated the study was conducted by surveying more than 1,000 individuals over the age of 35 who live in central California. Of those surveyed, 357 participants had been diagnosed with the disease. Those who were surveyed and had Parkinson’s disease were two times as likely to have sustained brain injuries that left them unconscious for extended periods of time prior to their diagnosis. Also, the study discovered participants suffering from the disease were 36 percent more likely to live within 500 meters of an area that was treated with the herbicide Paraquat. Researchers explained more than half of the participants with Parkinson’s were exposed to the chemical, compared to the 36 percent who were exposed but didn’t develop the disease. More disturbing though, is when the two factors were combined, as they seem to act as a catalyst for one another in the onset of the disease. The California Personal Injury Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers understand the dangers of both head injuries and toxic exposure. That is why the firm is here to answer any questions you may have regarding your legal rights if you have been armed by either condition.