Athlete Gives Back to Prevent Traumatic Brain Injuries in Others

by Staff Blogger | July 13th, 2015

In recent years, scientists have discovered more information regarding the long-term effects traumatic brain injuries can have on athletes. One of the contributing factors to these discoveries is the amount of research being conducted. Our California brain injury lawyers at Berg Injury Lawyers understand that this research couldn’t continue to advance without athletes volunteering to undergo testing. One of the latest athletes to volunteer is former Oakland Raiders quarterback, Ken Stabler. Stabler—better known as “The Snake”—was drafted into the National Football League in 1968. He went on to have an impressive career in the league that didn’t end until 1984. During his time as a professional football player, Stabler suffered several injuries to the head. According to an article from NBC News, he wanted to help prevent such injuries in other athletes. So, Stabler made the decision that when he passed away, his brain would be donated to science. Complications associated with a diagnosis of colon cancer claimed Stabler’s life this past Wednesday and his brain and spinal cord were taken to Boston University to be used in research on the condition known as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. At Berg injury Lawyers, we believe in the mission to help prevent traumatic brain injuries in athletes and our California personal injury attorneys applaud the efforts Ken Stabler and his family have made to support this cause.