3 Common Accidents That can Cause Brain Injuries

by Staff Blogger | April 23rd, 2018

The potential for serious accidents is all around us. And when people are involved in serious accidents, they face the risk of suffering injuries that can lead to prolonged pain, disability, and even life-threatening complications. Injuries to all parts of the body have the potential to be debilitating, but there’s one type of injury that can have the most lasting and profound impacts on victims: brain injuries. Despite being protected by the skull, the human brain is extremely vulnerable during accidents, and even relatively minor impacts can cause significant damage. Although virtually any type of accident can cause a brain injury, that specific trauma is commonly found in victims of the following accidents:
  1. Car accidents—Brain injuries can occur during auto accidents in two ways: victims’ heads impacting objects inside their vehicles, or victims’ brains moving inside their skulls due to sudden deceleration.
  2. Motorcycle accidents—People who ride motorcycles face high risks of brain injuries. In fact, a study of motorcycle crashes between 2007 and 2010 found that 36 percent of helmet-wearing passengers suffered brain injuries, while 31 percent of drivers suffered brain injuries.
  3. Work-related accidents—Industrial and construction jobs are the livelihood of many families in California, but they also come with many risks, including brain injuries. Improper use or maintenance of heavy machinery, dropped tools, and falls can all cause workers to suffer serious head injuries.
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