Car Accidents Aren’t Always a Driver’s Fault

by Staff Blogger | March 13th, 2019

Although most auto accidents are caused by driver error, some have other causes. Auto accident victims may feel helpless and out of luck if they were injured in crashes that weren’t caused by other drivers, but anytime another person’s or party’s negligence plays a role in a crash, the responsible party should be held liable for the victims’ accident-related expenses.

Who Else Can Be Held Responsible for Crashes?

At Berg Injury Lawyers, our California auto accident attorneys have pursued compensation claims on behalf of victims like you against a variety of parties, including:
  • State and local governments—Roadways are supposed to be safe and free from major defects that can potentially contribute to crashes. That means the governmental bodies that oversee roadways, whether they’re local streets or state highways, are supposed to fix issues like potholes and remove potentially dangerous debris in a timely fashion.
  • Vehicle manufacturers—Auto manufacturers and the manufacturers of individual parts used in vehicles can also be held liable for crashes and injuries. When tires, brakes, airbags, seat belts, gas and brake pedals, or other components fail, drivers may lose control of their vehicles or suffer severe injuries during accidents.

Why Call Berg Injury Lawyers After Your Crash?

Negligence is negligence, whether it’s on the part of a single driver, a governmental body, or a billion-dollar automotive corporation. Our legal team isn’t afraid to stand up for the rights of Californians who were injured in auto accidents, regardless of who is liable for their crashes. When you choose Berg Injury Lawyers, you’ll get a legal team that will do everything in its power to maximize your chances of getting full compensation. You shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for medical bills and lost wages after a crash that wasn’t your fault. Let us help you get the money you deserve—call today for a free consultation.