California Implements Daytime Headlight Law On Highway 99 Stretch

by Staff Blogger | May 7th, 2012

May 7, 2012

Running daytime headlights is a safety technique that has been utilized by motorcycles for years to make themselves more visible to other vehicles. Studies have shown that the use of headlights during the day can reduce the chances of a vehicle being in an accident by as much as 23 percent. Now, California is making it law for all vehicles on a certain stretch of highway to run their headlights during the day to reduce the number of crashes in the area.

According to KRCRTV 7 News, all vehicles on the 29-mile length of Highway 99, between Chico and Red Bluff, California, will be required to have their headlights on at all times. Officials say the area is notoriously plagued by a high number of motor vehicle accidents along the narrow, winding road.

Officials have worked for more than 18-months to have the initiative passed and will now be able to move forward with having Caltrans workers begin installing daytime headlight warning signs along the highway to remind drivers of the new measure. Officials say they will now begin implementing the same rules along the highway further south.

The number of California Car Accidents could be significantly reduced if all drivers adopted the use of daytime running headlights. That’s why the California Injury Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers ask that all drivers always turn on their headlights, regardless of the time of day, before driving anywhere.