We Don’t Let the Insurance Company Take Advantage of You

by Staff Blogger | February 28th, 2019

If you recently suffered an injury that wasn’t your fault and you’re seeking compensation, you may be unfamiliar with the legal process as it pertains to personal injury claims. Unfortunately, insurance companies may be aware of your inexperience with the legal process, and they might try to use it against you. Insurance companies report record profits year after year, but the people who count on them to pay out fair settlements are often left with lowball offers or denied claims. Big insurers get away with it because they’re multi-billion-dollar corporations, and they count on victims like you accepting small settlements or giving up when their claims are denied. At Berg Injury Lawyers, we’re familiar with the tactics insurance companies sometimes use to reduce or deny claims, including:
  • Offering victims lowball settlements—Insurance companies may offer you money before you know the true value of your claim. But when that money doesn’t cover your remaining injury-related expenses, you’re left to pay the rest out of pocket.
  • Downplaying the severity of your injuries—Insurance companies may claim that your injuries aren’t as severe as they seem, or even that they’re the result of a pre-existing condition.
  • Monitoring your social media activity—Insurance adjusters often look at victims’ social media accounts after their accidents. Any posts or photos related to the accident or injury might be taken out of context and used against victims.
Our California personal injury lawyers know all of the tricks of the trade that insurance companies use to reduce or deny claims. When you choose us to take on your claim, we’ll stay one step ahead of the insurance company at every turn, protecting you and your rights to the money you deserve.

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