California Attorneys Offer Tips on Reducing Dog Bites

by Staff Blogger | May 18th, 2015

A recent report shows that last year, the state of California had the highest number of reported dog bite injuries in the nation. To help reduce the number of these attacks in the future through public awareness and education, several organizations have partnered to name this week National Dog Bite Prevention Week. To help with the campaign’s cause, our California dog bite injury attorneys at Berg Injury Lawyers would like to offer these tips on ways you can reduce the chances of a canine attacking:
  • Never Approach a Strange Animal– Don’t attempt to pet or pick up an unfamiliar animal without the owner’s permission. Once the owner says it’s okay to touch the animal, you should still allow it to smell your hand before you try to pet it.
  • Don’t Run– If you find yourself in the presence of an aggressive dog, don’t run away. The dog’s instinct will be to chase and attack. Instead, attempt to slowly back away from the animal while facing it.
  • Parents Supervise Children– Even with familiar pets, it’s important for parents to keep a watchful eye on all interactions between animals and children.
  • Get Educated– Pet owners should enroll their pet in an obedience class and properly socialize the animal as well. Parents should also speak to children about ways to recognize an aggressive animal and what to do if confronted by one.
At Berg Injury Lawyers, we know the impact a dog bite injury can have on the victim’s life, as well as the lives of their family. That’s why our California personal injury lawyers are hopeful these tips help keep you and your loved ones safe.