Proposed Bill Will Extend Property Tax Exemptions for Those Receiving California Veterans Disability Benefits

by Staff Blogger | September 15th, 2014

There are hundreds of thousands of Californians who depend on veterans disability benefits to make ends meet. Too often though, this isn’t enough, and these individuals are left struggling to pay bills— such as property taxes. Under the current law, a veteran is exempt from paying property taxes if they are deemed 100 percent disabled by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This exemption is retroactive for up to four years from the time a disability claim is awarded. Wait times for decisions in disability cases can sometimes be several years though. That’s why California is considering a reform to the law that would extend the ability to receive a refund for property tax exemptions from four years to eight years. This would allow veterans whose claims are bogged down in the system to not miss out on their ability to benefit from the exemption. According to Rocklin Today, the proposed bill—known as SB 113—was approved by the assembly late last month and is now awaiting an approval or denial from the desk of Governor Jerry Brown. At Berg Injury Lawyers, we applaud the efforts being made to improve the services and benefits for veterans in our state. That’s why our team of California personal injury lawyers is hopeful these reforms will effectively help to ensure all current and former soldiers get the benefits and services they are rightfully entitled to.