What Kind of Accidents Can You Sue For?

by Staff Blogger | March 1st, 2023

Every year in the United States, more than 200,000 people die from unintentional injuries, and a countless number of others are injured but survive. According to the CDC, the most common types of unintentional injuries that result in deaths every year are falls, car accidents, and unintentional poisonings.

But among those who survive accidents, many are left with serious and debilitating injuries, as more than 24 million people visited emergency rooms last year because of unintentional injuries.

When these accidents are caused by another person’s negligence or wrongdoing, the law provides that injured people are legally entitled to recover compensation for their injuries. Our team of Sacramento accident attorneys at Berg Injury Law has been assisting injured Californians for more than 40 years in seeking justice.

Top 10 Most Common Types of Accidents Leading to Litigation

Legally speaking, an accident victim can generally file a lawsuit for any type of accident that is caused by another person’s negligence. At Berg Injury Law, we represent victims who have been injured in accidents of all kinds, and in this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the more common types of cases that we handle.

1.   Negligence

Negligence is when a person behaves in any manner that is not reasonable or is otherwise unsafe. When negligence causes an injury, the negligent person can be held legally liable for paying for the other party’s injuries. Negligence actions are by far the most common personal injury lawsuits, as car accidents, products liability cases, and many other accidents arise from negligent conduct. Our accident attorneys in Sacramento have filed a countless number of negligence lawsuits in the past 40 years.

2.   Intentional Behavior

In addition to negligence, intentional injuries can also give rise to litigation. These cases can arise from physical injuries and economic injuries. The most common intentional behavior cases include defamation, sexual assault, fraud, and battery.

3.   Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when a patient is injured due to a healthcare provider’s negligence. These cases can arise from missed diagnoses, wrongfully performed procedures, improperly prescribed medications, and any other aspect of healthcare. Winning a malpractice case requires an accident attorney and plaintiff to show that a medical provider acted in a way out of accord with a recognized standard of care or practice. 

4.   Hazardous Drugs and Substances

Hazardous medications can cause serious and permanent injuries that can affect a person’s quality of life forever. Whether those injuries were caused by a doctor who improperly prescribed the medication, or a manufacturer who failed in creating the drug, these cases often give rise to lawsuits.

5.   Dog Bites

Dog owners have a duty to ensure that their dogs are secured in a manner which protects innocent passersby from attack. If a person is injured by a dog that they do not own, that injured person may be able to file a lawsuit against the owner of the dog.

6.   Car Accidents

Car accidents are some of the most common personal injury lawsuits. Even though they are routine, these cases should still be handled by an experienced attorney who is unafraid to take on insurance companies. In almost all car accident cases, the other driver’s insurance company pays damages, and they hire expensive lawyers to get off the hook for as little money as possible. When dealing with one of our accident attorneys, Sacramento car accident victims can rest assured that we won’t back down from insurance companies.

7.   Premises Liability

Premises liability cases are often referred to as slip and fall cases, as they usually arise from fall injuries on public property. But in addition to slips and falls, premises liability cases can arise from all kinds of injuries sustained on public property. Other examples include negligent security claims, hazardous conditions, and vicarious liability cases.

8.   Defective Products

Lawsuits involving defective products can be brought against either the seller of the product, the manufacturer of the product, or the distributor of the product, depending on the specific facts of a case. Either way, when an innocent victim is injured due to a defective product, they have the right to seek compensation for their injuries.

9.   Workplace Accidents

Jobsite injuries are usually preventable, as laws and safety regulations exist to protect workers from injuries. When these safety regulations are not followed, dangerous conditions exist that can cause injuries, and more importantly, give rise to a lawsuit.

10.  Wrongful Death

In the worst accident cases, the victim loses his or her life. As previously stated, more than 200,000 people die from accidental deaths every year in the United States, and many of those deaths are caused by another person’s negligence or wrongdoing. In those cases, a deceased victim’s surviving family members may be able to recover compensation for the loss of their loved one by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

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