San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Offers Rider Safety Course

by Staff Blogger | April 16th, 2012

April 16, 2012 In a large city like San Francisco, California, the bicycle is the normal mode of transportation for thousands of residents every day, and protecting those riders on dangerous roads and highways can be a major concern. That’s why one group, known as the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, is working hard to educate bikers on the importance of safe riding practices, according to The Sacramento Bee. The group began the campaign four years ago by offering cyclists hands-on training with certified instructors. During those rides, cyclists learn to maneuver busy city streets and other obstacles, such as slick trolley rails and open car doors. Riders are also required to take a classroom portion of the training program where they must pass an exam on the basic rules of the road. The hope is that the classes can help reduce the number of fatal bicycle accidents in the city. In 2009, the city estimated that 531 people died as a result of collisions between vehicles and bicycles. That’s 67 more fatalities than the previous year. Experts who polled both cyclists and motorists in a recent study say that the best way to reduce the number of accidents is for both groups to have a greater understanding of one another. The California Accident Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers would like to remind cyclists that wearing a helmet is an excellent way to prevent injuries while riding a bike.