Advertising is Great…Word-of-Mouth is Better

by Staff Blogger | April 11th, 2016

At Berg Injury Lawyers, we helped pioneer lawyer advertising more than 20 years ago. We did so because we knew a lot of accident victims in Northern California weren’t getting the help they need after an accident. Simply put, advertising on television gave us the ability to reach and help more people. Nowadays, almost every law firm advertises. From billboards to TV commercials, you’re likely to run into some form of lawyer advertising on a daily basis in the Bay Area. Although we’re proud of the role we played in helping law firms reach more people, there’s one form of advertising we value above all else, and it’s one that’s been around a lot longer than our firm. Word-of-mouth. You see, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on advertising, how often you post to social media, or how many community events you sponsor. Your firm’s reputation isn’t something you can buy. It’s built on years of service to your clients, good or bad. We’re proud to have a reputation for treating our clients with the utmost respect and getting them maximum compensation for their injuries. Because of that reputation, a good portion of our business comes from referrals—satisfied clients that pass our name along to someone else in need. You hear a lot of promises in lawyer advertising, but if you want to know the true measure of a firm, ask their clients. Advertising on television is great, but word-of-mouth is even better. Thankfully, we excel in both.