Avastin Drug Injury Prompts Recalls By The FDA

by Staff Blogger | March 26th, 2013

March 25, 2013 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the voluntary recall of all products made by two separate compounding companies due to contamination hazards. The agency issued a press release this past week indicating action was being taken in regards to Magnesium Sulfate injections made by Med Prep Consulting, Inc. The recall was initiated after several reports were received of particulate being discovered in bags of the intravenous solution. Further testing uncovered the particulate to be mold. The following day, it was announced all products manufactured by the company were being recalled because of contamination risks. On the same day as the initial recall for Med Prep products, the FDA also announced a similar recall on doses of the drug, Avastin®, packaged by the company, Clinical Specialties. Avastin® is used off-label as a treatment for macular degeneration. Officials say patients reportedly suffered an Avastin® Drug Injury, including internal eye infections, as a result of receiving an injection of the medication. Similar instances of infection that resulted in blindness have been documented in the past. The FDA says anyone in possession of either product have been instructed to halt its use immediately. The California Personal Injury Attorneys with Berg Injury Lawyers recognize the risks associated with the use of these products and are here to answer any questions you may have if you have been harmed by a medication prescribed to you by a doctor.

Program Aims To Reduce Teen Fatalities In Car Accidents

by Staff Blogger | March 18th, 2013

March 18, 2013 Numbers from the Governor’s Highway Safety Association show the number of fatal teen motor vehicle collisions saw a 19 percent increase in the first six months of last year compared to the same time period the previous year. In an effort to reduce this growing number of deadly California Car Accidents, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) has announced it will be offering two more sessions of its “Start Smart” traffic safety class. An article from KSBY News explains the classes will be conducted on the evenings of March 6 and 20 at the CHP’s Santa Maria office located on North Carlotti Drive. The course is free of charge and lasts approximately two hours. Participants in the program will receive instruction on how to safely operate a vehicle, as well as learning tips on ways to prevent an accident from occurring. Testimonies from officers who have investigated fatal accidents involving teens and families who have lost loved ones to such collisions will also be heard. Anyone wishing to participate in the program has been encouraged to get in touch with the CHP at (805) 349-8728. The California Injury Attorneys with Berg Injury Lawyers applaud the program being offered for its efforts in reducing the number of teenage accident fatalities. The firm is hopeful the campaign is successful in its mission!

Superior Court Finds Assisted Living Facility At Fault For Patient’s Death

by Staff Blogger | March 11th, 2013

March 11, 2013 One of the largest assisted living facility companies in the nation, Emeritus Corp, is responsible for the wrongful death and Nursing Home Abuse of an 82-year-old woman who died under the company’s care. According to the Insurance Journal, the court must now decide how much to award the plaintiffs in damages. The victim was admitted to the facility after she received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Within months though, she had to be checked into a local hospital due to her deteriorating health. It was there that several bedsores developed on the woman’s body. The victim died several weeks later, from what the coroner determined to be complications from the bedsores. The woman’s family soon filed the lawsuit against the facility, claiming its policies regarding training and staffing were the direct cause of the woman’s death. The suit alleged the hospital often left patients unattended to for extended periods of time due to staffing shortages. Also, the staff members that were on-hand were often under-trained for the situations they were put in. The suit went on to claim the nursing facilities policies were only made to cut costs. The California Personal Injury Attorneys with Berg Injury Lawyers can acknowledge the frustration that accompanies the loss of a loved one due to another person’s negligence. That is why the firm is hopeful the decision in the case will bring a sense of closure to the tragedy for the family and friends of the victim.

San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Leaves One Person Injured

by Staff Blogger | March 4th, 2013

March 4, 2013 A San Francisco Motorcycle Accident caused by a piece of equipment falling from a tractor-trailer was responsible for leaving one person injured. According to CBS-San Francisco, the crash occurred on Friday, February 8, at around 6:30 a.m., near the exit for Treasure Island along the Bay Bridge. A spokesman for the California Highway Patrol, Officer James Evans, explained the motorcycle was following the tractor-trailer along the westbound lanes of the highway when the drive shaft of the truck broke free and fell into the road in front of the bike. The motorcyclist did not have time to react to the falling debris and the bike collided with the debris. The impact of the collision caused the motorcyclist to be thrown from the machine, leaving him with minor injuries. The crash leaves many wondering who is at fault for the collision. The California Personal Injury Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers explain if the piece that fell off the truck is confirmed by investigators to have been the cause of the accident, the owner of the truck and those responsible for its maintenance may be found negligent. The firm recognizes the complexities of investigating such a crash. That is why they encourage anyone who has been involved in a motor vehicle crash at no fault of their own to contact an attorney immediately to discuss their case.

NHTSA Says 17.8 Million Vehicles Recalled Due To Defective Products

by Staff Blogger | February 25th, 2013

February 25, 2013 Despite major advancements in motor vehicle safety technology in recent years, car manufacturers are still responsible for putting millions of motorists at risk of injury each year by outfitting vehicles with Defective Products. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently announced 650 safety recalls were made last year by car manufacturers in the United States, which affected roughly 17.8 million vehicles. Most of the recalls are the result of efforts made by the NHTSA’s Office of Defects Investigations and Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance. These organizations examine data from numerous sources, including early warning reporting data and technical service bulletins, in order to determine whether a vehicle or its parts should be recalled. Most recalls are initiated by consumer reports though. Take for instance the massive recall Toyota recently announced due to faulty breaking systems. A recall on the vehicles wasn’t announced until hundreds of accidents had been linked to faulty brake systems manufactured by the company. The NHTSA says the large number of recalls highlights the need for citizens to be aware of problems that may be afflicting their vehicle. That is why the NHTSA urges motorists to check their website regularly to ensure no part of their vehicle has been recalled. The California Injury Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers recognize the dangers a defective car part can be. That’s why the firm urges anyone who has been hurt in an accident caused by a product liability issue to discuss their case with an attorney.

New Program Designed To Prevent California Drunk Driving Accidents

by Staff Blogger | February 18th, 2013

February 18, 2013 California car accidents are listed as one of the leading causes of death amongst teens in the state. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has decided to combat this problem by hosting a series of programs titled Steering Kids Straight that is aimed at educating young drivers about the dangers they will face when on the road and how they might be able to prevent accidents from occurring. According to CBS 8 News, the first installment of the program was conducted by several California high school students a few weeks ago and featured a mock crash scene portraying the deadly results California Drunk Driving Accidents can have. The scenario involved two vehicles that had collided due to a drunk driver. While students pretended to be killed and injured in the accident, another reenactment showed participants what it may be like if they were caught driving drunk. Over the next several months, students will continue to document what the outcomes of such an accident would be like. The purpose of the program is to show teens the devastating effects poor decisions being made behind the wheel of an automobile can have. The California Personal Injury Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers recognize how dangerous drinking and driving can be and are hopeful this program, and others like it, will be successful in teaching teen drivers the dangers of getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol.

San Francisco Cable Car Accident Injures Seven People

by Staff Blogger | February 11th, 2013

February 11, 2013 Seven people were injured last week in a cable car accident in San Francisco, California. According to the Mercury News, the incident occurred at approximately 10:15 a.m. Wednesday near the intersection of Powell and Washington Streets. John Haley, Director of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, stated the cable car was traveling along Powell when it suddenly came into contact with a six-inch bolt that had become lodged in the tracks. Contact with the foreign object caused the car to stop immediately and lurch forward, leading to several passengers suffering injuries. One of the most serious injuries involved an elderly man who struck his head and may have suffered a minor brain injury. All the victims were taken to a local trauma center to receive full examinations and treatment to their injuries. In the meantime, investigators began to look into the cause of the accident and determined the bolt had come loose from a sensor plate attached to the tracks and the sensors in the tracks had failed to identify the stuck bolt. Maintenance will now be performed on the bolts weekly to prevent a similar incident. The California Injury Lawyers with the law firm of Berg Injury Lawyers acknowledge that negligent maintenance can cause a serious accident and suggest that anyone injured in an accident that was not their fault to talk about their legal options and rights with an attorney.

$5 Million Defective Product Lawsuit Filed Against Frozen Pizza Maker

by Staff Blogger | February 4th, 2013

February 4, 2013 Frozen pizzas are often marketed as a cost-effective alternative to take-out or delivery from a restaurant, but new evidence shows it may be unsafe to eat. An article published by the La Mesa-Mount Helix Patch explained that a lawsuit recently filed in California against food manufacturer, Nestle, Inc., alleges the company’s frozen pizzas contain ingredients that could be considered hazardous to your health. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in San Diego County and claims the pizzas, marketed under brand names like DiGiorno and California Pizza Kitchen, contain a Defective Product known as partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (PHVO). PHVO is known to contain carcinogenic trans fats, which have been banned from restaurants in California but not in foods sold at supermarkets. Ingesting trans fat by consuming the pizzas has also been linked to the development of conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and diabetes. The lawsuit, which has not been put onto the court’s docket of cases yet, is seeking a total of $5 million in damages. The lawsuit could also potentially force food manufacturers to abide with a ban on use of the ingredient. The California Injury Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers recognize just how hazardous long-term exposure to a chemical like trans fats can be and are hopeful a decision in the case will prompt changes to food manufacturing policies that will better protect the public from the harm trans fats can pose.

Computer System Could Save California Millions On Veterans Payments

by Staff Blogger | January 28th, 2013

January 28, 2013 Budgetary restraints that each state in our country is facing today have forced them to find ways of being more efficient with the money they currently have available. An article from Government Technology discusses how California may be able to utilize a computer program that could potentially save millions of dollars per year. The Public Assistance Reporting Information System (PARIS) was first used in Washington State to identify veterans who were on Medicaid and not utilizing federally funded veterans’ benefits. Those individuals were then notified of the benefits they were missing out on and eventually transferred each person off of Medicaid and to the veterans’ benefits programs, which has saved the state roughly $30 million over the last nine years. California ran a test of the program from 2009 to 2011 that found PARIS may be able to save the state an estimated $1.6 million by switching just veterans who are 100 percent disabled onto federal care programs designed specifically for Veterans’ Disability Benefit recipients. PARIS has been made mandatory for in each state since then, but faces a new challenge of manpower to run the program, according to Manuel Urbina, a spokesman for the California Department of Health and Human Services Medi-Cal Eligibility Division. The California Injury Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers recognize how complicated understanding what benefits an injured service member may be qualified for can be and may be able to help if you, or a loved one, have been injured while serving your country.

San Francisco Pedestrian Accidents Prompts Safety Task Force

by Staff Blogger | January 21st, 2013

January 21, 2013 Pedestrian accidents caused by motor vehicles are a serious concern today for many in San Francisco, California. In fact, some are so worried about being struck by a car or truck according to Mayor Ed Lee, they are afraid to walk along the city’s streets. These fears have prompted city officials to take action to combat the problem. CBS-San Francisco says a total of 876 pedestrians were hit by motor vehicles within the city limits last year alone. Furthermore, these California Car Accidents resulted in the deaths of 18 of the individuals who were hurt. Lee explained that 50 percent of these incidents occurred on five percent of the city’s streets, including major corridors such as 19th Avenue, Market Street, Van Ness Avenue, and Geary Boulevard. In an effort to eliminate these types of accidents, Mayor Lee announced this past month that he would be implementing a Pedestrian Safety Task Force that will focus on reducing speed limits, enhancing crosswalks, installing yield signs, improving sight lines at the 50 most dangerous intersections in the city. The hope is that the program will decrease the number of San Francisco pedestrian accidents by 25 percent in the next three years and slash the number of incidents in half by 2021. The California Personal Injury Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers hope the campaign is successful in educating the public about the dangers of pedestrian accidents and reducing the number of these accidents across the city.