Hospital Comparison Guide Creates Accountability in California’s Medical Industry

by Staff Blogger | May 19th, 2014

They say that word of mouth is the best advertising around. With the advancements in the Internet and technology abounding, it comes as no surprise then that online reviews are where people are turning today to make decisions regarding everything from the items they’ll purchase to the restaurants they’ll visit. So, what if you were able to find out about the quality of care a hospital is giving prior to making a decision about where you would like to receive a treatment? It seems as though you can by using the California hospital comparison guide provided by The site allows each facility to be graded and ranked based on different aspects of patient care including areas such as patient experience, patient safety, and re-hospitalizations after discharge. Users are able to filter search results based on the their location and the type of medical care they are seeking. Facilities can then be selected and saved so their results can be compared side-by-side. Experts say these rankings create a sense of accountability that can reduce mistakes and negligence, which can in turn result in fewer cases of malpractice, nursing home abuse, and even use of defective medical devices. Finding ways to improve medical care in California is a mission important to our Alameda personal injury lawyers here at Berg Injury Lawyers. That’s why our legal staff urges citizens to consider using reviews like the hospital comparison guide when determining where to receive medical treatment.