Substance Discovered in San Francisco Bay Raises of California Environmental Injury Concerns

by Staff Blogger | January 19th, 2015

When toxins are introduced into the areas where we live, breathe, eat, and drink, serious injuries can occur. That’s why the California environmental injury attorneys with Berg Injury Lawyers have become so concerned with reports that a “viscous substance” has been found in the San Francisco Bay. According to an article from NBC Bay Area news, the thick, pale gray residue was discovered on several birds along the bay’s eastern shores this past Friday evening, January 16. So far, 20 birds have died as a result of the exposure and dozens of others were exposed to the substance. While exposure to the substance has resulted in the deaths of a number of birds, it doesn’t appear to be toxic. Researchers have also concluded it is not petroleum or oil-based. Further testing will be conducted later this week. While the substance has harmed no humans, history shows that when this type of pollution occurs, it can quickly work its way up the food chain to humans through the foods they eat and other methods of exposure. An example of this is the devastating results the BP oil spill had on the fishing and shrimping industries along the Gulf Coast. That’s why the San Francisco personal injury lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers suggest speaking with an attorney regarding your legal rights if you’ve been harmed as the result of toxic exposure. Our team of attorneys can be reached by calling (800) 400-2374 today.