Free Safe and Sober Rides Home Being Offered on Cinco de Mayo

by Staff Blogger | May 5th, 2014

The heritage of Mexican-Americans is embedded deep into the roots of California, and at no time of year are these ties felt greater than during Cinco de Mayo. That’s why the California personal injury attorneys with Berg Injury Lawyers would like to explain the history of the holiday, as well as how celebrations take place today. The holiday originally began as a way to celebrate the Mexican Army’s defeat of the French that occurred on May 5, 1862. According to an article from the Mercury News, a group of 4,500 Mexican militia members were able to withstand a four-hour battle with more than 6,000 French soldiers to seize the battlefield and the day. The victory was later determined to be a turning point in the struggle between the two countries and is now celebrated with an ode to all things of Mexican tradition. Today, numerous events will be held in the San Francisco Bay area and many will feature Mexican beverages. Some of those drinks will likely contain alcohol, which is why Berg Injury Lawyers would like to remind citizens of the firm’s Safe and Sober Ride Home program. The campaign offers free cab rides home to those who have had too much to drink. So, if you are out this evening and find yourself unable to operate a motor vehicle, just call 916-444-2222 in order to be picked up and taken home at no charge.