Impatience Leads to Driving Fatalities

by Staff Blogger | October 3rd, 2016

Over the years, we’ve seen a number of causes for car accidents in San Francisco. From impaired driving to hazard road conditions, there are a million reasons why car accidents happen every single day in our city. However, there’s one cause we encounter far more often than any other, and it’s something that can always be avoided. It’s called impatience, and we’ve all experienced it out on the road from time to time. It flares up from a host of triggers and has the power to force us to take dangerous actions for the sake of saving a few seconds. Perhaps you’re stuck behind a slower vehicle on a two-lane road or traffic has made you late, so you cross the double lines to pass or swerve into a new lane to make up a few car lengths. Those might seem like reasonable actions at the time. However, there are plenty of severely injured car accident victims who would argue the contrary. At Berg Injury Lawyers, our business is helping injured car accident victims get the legal help they need. We do that by fighting for every dollar in compensation they deserve. We’re also advocates for safer driving. We encourage you this fall to be patient on your daily commute to ensure you never need our help. But if you do, give us a call today for a free consultation. We’re here to help. We’re here for you.