Experts Warn Parents Against Buckling Children Into Car Safety Seats While Wearing Coats

by Staff Blogger | November 18th, 2013

November 18, 2013 With cooler weather arriving in the northern California region, many parents are now scrambling to bundle children up before heading to the family’s car to travel. The California Car Accident Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers point out that most parents may fail to realize they may be putting their child’s life in jeopardy by buckling them into their car seat with jackets on. An article from Today News explained how a child’s bulky coat could cause the straps of a car seat to not properly restrain the child in the event of an accident. These findings are even more disturbing considering motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of accidental death in children and most child safety seats are already improperly installed in vehicles by parents and caregivers. To help avoid this danger, experts are telling parents to never buckle a child into a car safety or booster seat in more than what the child would wear indoors, such as a sweatshirt. Also, check to make sure all straps are tight enough on the child by checking to see if fabric from the straps of the device can be pinched together using the thumb and index finger. If the child needs to stay warm, drape their jacket or a blanket over them. Berg Injury Lawyers and their team of California Personal Injury Lawyers are hopeful these tips are successful in preventing children from being injured or killed as the result of a motor vehicle accident.