Traumatic Brain Injuries May Have Long-Term Effects for Car Accident Victims

by Staff Blogger | May 4th, 2015

There are many injuries car accident victims can suffer and some of the most dangerous—and hardest to diagnose—are traumatic brain injuries, often abbreviated as TBIs. The California brain injury lawyers at Berg Injury Lawyers explain that almost half of all young Californians will suffer a TBI if they are involved in a motor vehicle collision. The risks of a TBI resulting from a car accident were recently discussed in an article released by Business Insider. The article told the story of a young man who struggled to overcome a TBI after being stuck by a car while crossing the street. The victim states he was walking in a crosswalk in San Francisco on November 3, 2010, when a passing motorist hit him. The impact of the collision caused the young man to be thrown across four lanes of traffic. The victim suffered a traumatic brain injury and endured months of pain and suffering as he worked to overcome his injuries and rehabilitate his body. His injury adversely affected his professional life and ability to make a living. It also had a profound impact on his personal life. If you’ve suffered a TBI through no fault of your own, the California personal injury attorneys at Berg Injury Lawyers know what it takes to help you get the compensation you deserve. Learn more about how we can assist you with your case and your claim by calling us at (800) 400-2374 today.