San Francisco Attorneys Defend Truck Accident Victims

by Staff Blogger | July 11th, 2016

San Francisco traffic is legendary. If you’re going into the city and are on a timeframe, you better build in some extra drive time just in case you hit an unexpected slowdown. Pushing that many vehicles through narrow roads and crowded streets can be treacherous, especially for oversized vehicles like tractor-trailers. One lapse in judgment by a truck driver can cause a catastrophic accident that can change a family forever. At Berg Injury Lawyers, we know the important role our trucking industry plays in our society. Tractor-trailers get the necessities of life for Californians into our state, as well as get our world-class produce and other goods out to the country. However, that importance doesn’t exempt them from maintaining a safe operation. When a truck driver’s negligence causes serious injuries, we hold them accountable, knowing full well we’re in for a fight. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, you may face an uphill battle to get the compensation you deserve. The trucking company has teams of lawyers on their side and will try to minimize your claim. Even the playing field. Call our experienced San Francisco truck accident attorneys today for a free consultation. We’ll protect your rights and fight to get you every dollar you deserve.