Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse and How to Prevent Them

by Staff Blogger | October 5th, 2015

The elderly population in the United States is suffering abuse and neglect at an alarming rate. Estimates show that 1-in-10 American citizens over  age 65 will be harmed by a loved one or caregiver this year. However, officials say that number could be much higher, considering only 1-in-44 cases of nursing home abuse or neglect is reported. These numbers leave many elderly citizens and their families wondering what some of the most common types of abuse and neglect are and what can be done to prevent such acts from occurring. An article from Consumer Reports highlights some of the most common ways the elderly are taken advantage of in today’s society. Telephone scams are emerging as one of the most common ways financial abuse is occurring today, but verbal and physical abuse occurs regularly as well. There are several steps we can take to protect our loved ones from being harmed at the hand of others though. One of the best ways is to simply be present. This means visiting often and being active in a loved one’s care. Check your loved one for signs of physical abuse, such as cuts or bruises, and ask them about the care they receive. If you have any suspicions that your loved one isn’t receiving the care they deserve, report the matter to the nursing facility’s management, as well as the proper authorities. We believe in protecting the health and rights of the elderly at Berg Injury Lawyers, and our California personal injury attorneys hope this information helps you to keep your loved one safe.