Traumatic Brain Injury Risk for San Francisco Car Accident Victims

by Staff Blogger | September 26th, 2016

Football season is in full swing, which means weekend tailgating and Friday night lights are once again a part of our lives, at least for a short while. If you’re a parent of a football player, beyond the enthusiasm and pride you feel for your teenager’s participation in the sport, there’s probably always an underlying anxiety for their safety. That’s understandable. With the increase of reported concussions in full-contact organized sports, the possibility of a traumatic brain injury is always there. Nowadays, we’ve become better at spotting the signs and symptoms of concussions on the field, but what about after a car accident? Many victims leave the scene of their accident believing they escaped without sustaining any injuries, only to discover otherwise hours later. That’s why it’s vitally important that you seek medical attention after your accident, even if you don’t show any signs of injury initially. Sleeper injuries, such as concussions, are one of the most dangerous types of injuries you can sustain in an accident, so get checked out by a medical professional no matter what. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you need the right legal help as well. Call our experienced San Francisco car accident attorneys today for a free consultation. Let us put our more than 30 years of experience to work for you.