A Difference That Matters

by Staff Blogger | March 21st, 2016

At Berg Injury Lawyers, our number one priority is getting you a fair settlement in the least amount of time. We’ve done that for hundreds of clients in the past, and we’re ready to do the same for you. However, there’s a difference between settling and winning big. If you’ve been injured, any law firm can get you a settlement from the insurance company. In fact, you can get a settlement from the insurance company without a lawyer. They will more than likely be ready to pay you a small settlement soon after your accident, because after you sign, they’re off the hook. The difference between settling low and winning big boils down to where your settlement or verdict puts you six months down the road. When the insurance company comes back with an offer, ask yourself:
  • Is this enough money to pay all future medical expenses?
  • Does this fully compensate me for all the paychecks I’ve missed due to my injuries?
  • Does this number take into account my pain and suffering or the strain put on my family?
You’ve been through a lot with this accident. You deserve to be fully compensated, and that’s exactly what we’re going to work toward on your behalf.