Who Can Be Held Responsible for a Boat Accident?

by Staff Blogger | July 22nd, 2019

Although the Bay Area typically avoids the extreme heat that summer brings to other parts of California and the U.S., spending the day on the water is still a great way to cool off when temperatures rise. However, boating often involves alcohol and distractions—both of which can lead to serious accidents. If you or someone you love was recently hurt in a boating accident, you may have suffered serious, disabling injuries that require medical attention. That means big emergency room bills that you might not be able to afford. As with most types of accidents, you may be eligible to file a compensation claim against the person or party who caused the boat accident, but determining who is liable can be difficult. At Berg Injury Lawyers, our California boat accident attorneys know which parties are often responsible for boat accidents, including:
  • Boat operators—Boat operators can cause accidents when they’re impaired, distracted, or reckless.
  • Boat passengers—Passengers can contribute to or cause accidents when they distract boat drivers or prevent them from safely operating their vessels.
  • Boat owners—Boat owners are responsible for keeping their vessels maintained and sea-worthy. When they fail to do so, serious accidents can occur.
  • Other boaters—If you were injured in a collision with another boat, the other boat operator may be held responsible for your injuries if their negligence caused the accident.
Getting compensation after a boat accident requires experience and knowledge of boating laws, and we have both. Call today for a free consultation.