Doctors cleared in California wrongful death case

by bil | March 25th, 2008

March 25, 2008

A county jury cleared the cardiologist and radiologist of negligence in the diagnosis and treatment of actor John Ritter in the California wrongful death lawsuit, according to The Associated Press. The actor died in September of 2003 from an aortic tear.

John Ritter’s widow and children filed the California wrongful death lawsuit, claiming his death was brought about by a “rushed, faulty diagnosis.” The family said the doctors, accused in the wrongful death case, failed to give Ritter an x-ray that would have revealed the torn aorta and his immediate need for surgery. The defense argued the surgery wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the situation.

A 9 -3 verdict declared there was no judgment damage against the doctors involved with the actor’s death.

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