Cable Car Accidents Cost San Francisco Millions In Settlements

by Staff Blogger | April 15th, 2013

April 15, 2013 New figures show that the cable car transportation system in San Francisco, California, costs the city millions of dollars annually to settle injury claims filed by riders. According to an article from Yahoo! News, the Department of Transportation calls cable cars one of the most dangerous forms of public transportation in the nation, considering San Francisco’s system records roughly one serious injury per month. In the past decade, 126 accidents involving the rail cars have been reported, resulting in a total of 151 people being injured. Sixteen accidents were recorded last year alone and resulted in 19 people suffering a significant injury. The most recent accident occurred several weeks ago after one of the city’s cable cars struck a bolt that was jammed in the tracks. The collision resulted in a total of seven people suffering serious injuries. Records show that these types of accidents have cost the city roughly $8 million to settle around 50 injury claims. The largest single settlement was for a total of $3 million and was awarded to a man who lost his foot when it was caught between a cable car he was riding on and a parked vehicle in a Slip and Fall Accident. Despite the risks involved with the cable cars, city officials have no intentions of eliminating them, as they are a staple part of the city’s culture and tourism trade. The California Injury Attorneys with Berg Injury Lawyers may be able to if you have been injured in a cable car accident.