5 Tips to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer, in Sacramento

by Staff Blogger | November 15th, 2022

Being a victim of personal injury is physically and emotionally challenging. Therefore, it’s important to realize that by choosing the right personal injury lawyer Sacramento residents will substantially relieve their stress, and they also are more likely to receive a reasonable settlement when all is said and done.

At Berg Injury Lawyers, our personal injury lawyers have suggested five tips to help you narrow down to the best attorney for you. Read on to avoid unprofessional lawyers who can complicate your quest for fair compensation. 

#1: Determine the Amount and Type of Experience the Sacramento Law Firm Has

As every injury case is unique, personal injury lawyers only gain traction  as they continue to experience  various personal injury cases. The hands-on experience exposes them to diverse clients and multiple types of cases, including the most complex.

With experience, a personal injury attorney understands how to handle manipulative insurance companies and overriding barriers associated with pursuing injury settlements in a court of law. Such lawyers have higher success rates than their counterparts with little or no experience.

In addition to years of practice, the type of experience matters a lot when looking for the best Sacramento personal injury lawyer. A good lawyer should have handled the type of injury cases like the one you are experiencing.

For instance, if you suffered an auto accident, get a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento who has handled multiple cases of car accidents. Unlike generalists, specialized attorneys understand the ins and outs that lead to the best outcomes.

#2: Check the Record of Success for the Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney

A good track record is one factor differentiating a great personal injury lawyer from the not-so-great. The history of success demonstrates that a prospective legal expert can deliver the expected results — receiving the most reasonable compensation.

Therefore, when vetting lawyers to handle your personal injury matter, get one with a record of winning tough, high-value cases involving catastrophic accidents, wrongful death, and minor accidents. Successful attorneys do not shy from disclosing the several achievements they have garnered.

Besides the records, you can determine a lawyer’s track record based on the number of accolades they have received. The information is readily available on the law firm’s website or third-party online platforms.

Steer clear of attorneys with no history of winning your type of case since that means they have limited chances of getting the compensation you deserve.

#3: Pay Attention to How They Communicate

From their communication, you can always identify a good personal injury lawyer in Sacramento. On the first meeting, professional lawyers will establish a rapport that makes you feel at ease with them. 

They show genuine interest in helping fight for your best interests. Apart from interest, a good personal injury lawyer answers all your questions in simple language, explains the legal options available for your case, and details the processes they would undertake from start to end.

You want to avoid bad communicators who have little time to answer your questions or show no interest in establishing a good relationship with you. Such lawyers will give you a tough time when following up or seeking clarification in matters related to your settlement. 

Some of the factors that can help you identify a lawyer with superb communication skills include:

  • They listen when you speak.
  • They ask more questions to get more details about your case.
  • They value your opinions.
  • They show confidence in handling your case.
  • They are observant.
  • They portray an excellent grasp of the matter at hand.

#4: Understand Their Payment Structure

Payments are the most common causes of friction between clients and personal injury lawyers. Primarily, the conflict arises since clients do not take their time to examine a law firm’s payment structures.

For that reason, if you want to avoid surprises that can lead to conflicts, request a payment structure and scrutinize it comprehensively. Make sure you do not have issues with the payment plan before hiring an attorney.

In addition, request a written contract to avoid surprises from hidden costs not captured in the payment structure. Though it might seem unnecessary, it will come in handy if you and your attorney get into a disagreement along the way.

Note that different personal injury lawyers in Sacramento have other payment structures. Some handle your case from start to end and take a percentage of the amount you get awarded by the negligent party — this is the most common payment structure.

#5: Determine the Additional Resources They Offer

Established lawyers don’t just offer legal representation in a court of law or act as mediators with your insurance provider. But they provide a comprehensive package of resources and services you need to smoothly push through the overwhelming period.

For instance, some lawyers offer financial advice to clients who get vast sums of money as compensation. Financial advice helps victims of injury lead a comfortable life, if their injuries limit their ability to work.

Other Sacramento personal  injury lawyers work with a network of health professionals who can walk you through the recovery process. Some doctors who collaborate with lawyers can even agree to take payment after you receive compensation.

Therefore, to get the best value out of the legal fee you pay, get a personal injury lawyer that offers extras on top of legal representation. In your initial contact, ask the lawyers if they:

  • Collaborate with a network of doctors.
  • Know counselors who can offer mental support.
  • Have valuators to back up your loss claims.
  • Can connect you to a financial adviser.

Why It’s Important to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

It can be difficult to navigate throughout the legal process without the resources of a personal injury lawyer Sacramento residents are offered the legal representation needed to get compensation after an injury associated with someone’s negligence. Without these legal experts, you stand a chance of getting under-compensated or even missing the settlement. Furthermore, representing yourself in a personal injury claim can prolong the process, making your life more challenging.

Unlike you, attorneys have the experience to handle personal injury cases smoothly. The experts gather evidence of negligence, document the extent of injuries, and find witnesses. Afterward, they negotiate for settlements with the insurance firm handling your case or in a court of law if the insurance firm disputes your claim.

At Berg Injury Lawyers, we  represent personal injury victims across Sacramento and the state of California to recover their compensation. We have a team specializing in cases related to car accidents, boat accidents, defective products, burns, toxic water, slip and fall accidents, and medical malpractice. Our attorneys have represented injury victims for more than 40 years. Contact us for a free case assessment.

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